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Next President of the United Fates of America
The mounting media resistance to Trump is is doing everything it can,
to slam flunk his presidency relentlously on every move he makes.

I don't particularly care for some of his fast political moves today,
and I am resigned to the impending melee of his presidency.
I expect to see the nation rip itself to pieces in rising resistance and protests.

The most amusing move {and concerning} was today's blackout of the EPA  Lol

Here is a newspaper dedicated to trash Trump into the grave.
Trump admin orders EPA contract freeze and media blackout 

It is now called the Environmental Procrastination Agency  Whip

I don't think that is a good thing, but it was no secret that this was coming from Trump.
Then Trump renewed the oil pipelines and several ancient Dakota Indian chiefs rolled over in their graves.
Trump isn't even flinching at the impending protests coming at him.

Quote:U.S. President Donald Trump signed orders on Tuesday 
smoothing the path for the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines 
in a move to expand energy infrastructure 
and roll back key Obama administration environmental actions.

It will be the million Indian march on Dakota Access Oil? ... yea, that's a mild rascist joke.
It will be a mess, that is for certain.

CNN news jews were gagging and choking on the cost of The Wall that Trump promised today.
They say it cannot be paid for,
and of course calling out Trump to collect from Mexico. Lol

The CNN braindead Democrat infestation of bobble heads that they propped up on stage today,
prime timing for their impending perpetual shit staining of Trump's wall,
claims it will cost 50 billion dollars.

Well... heck ... Hmm2 ...  I bet it will be 250 billion $ to build 15 years from now.

The Wall just got a little bit higher  Reefer

Then there was the issue of ...Medicare Privatization ... today on the HHS nominee hearings.

It's going to be a wild ride on the Trump roller coaster.
Get a good seat belt if you want to ride in the fast lane of the Trump Love Boat presidency,
or just sit back and watch it all from the sidelines,
as the forces in the shadows do everything they can to sink his ship. 

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