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Next President of the United Fates of America
Let's try something of the wall here,
and go back to the ... Hmm2 ... first Cold War Whip

You know, 
Nikita Kruschev pounding his shoe at the UN and so on and so forth.

Americans had their perceptions driven by American propaganda just like today,
but back then the Cold War was more ... freshly chilling Uhoh
and today,
the populations are more psychologically adapted to the constant threat,
seeing how we are in Cold War II for the last decade.

I am going through my art stash to sell off some of it,
and I decided to get this one imaged and ready.

This is a Russian American painter -- Benjamin Vaganov.
The Russian government once acquired one of his Russian theme paintings for a museum.
His rare works are never seen, like this rare one.
I got to cherry pick this one and the best vaganov ever painted called Dance of Fear,'
another Russian Cold War era masterpiece,
right from the estate collection. 
I tried to get more of his better paintings,
but the entire remainder got purchased by a collector from Chicago and have disappeared.

this is titled:
How We View The Enemy  
{chained to their ideology while paranoid and on their way to a communist work day} ca 1960 about

[Image: ACeRnqT.jpg]


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