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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:I had a Mad Magazine and my teacher found it

and ripped it up in class and yelled "THIS IS A COMMUNIST MAGAZINE!!!"


Trump tells the Mexican president -- via Tweet --
"If you don't want to pay for the wall, 
you might as well cancel Hi  the meeting"


The Mexican president ... cancels the meeting.

The TV news is all day Trump this and Trump that.

CNN has Pee Wee Berman back on stage with Kate "Dutch Boy" Bolduan,
and their whole show is basically the Trash Trump Hour.

Trump wants to reinstitute torture --- waterboarding etc.

He just makes trouble for himself that is quite unnecessary sometimes,
in Big Dog's Bite  
is going to be worse than his bark, showboating.

It's a daily melee of American mindfuck on the network news channels.

Tomorrow will be another full day of rock-n-roll roller coaster rides.


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