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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:You mean... like Piers Morgan???


That is a good article on defeating the globalist system. 

Quote:Trump is not going to save you, or America. 

We essentially knew that when we voted for him.
Hillary couldn't save herself from a bad pant suit day, let alone America.

the author made this great comment:

Quote:Firstly, I need to point out a disturbing trend within the liberty movement, 
which is the propensity for activists
to show far more interest talking about the problem than talking about solutions. 

Over the years I have noticed a consistent lower readership on articles 
having to do with specific solutions and strategies; 
not just my own articles, 
but many other analysts as well. 

It is much more popular to write on the reality of looming crisis 
rather than to write about what individuals can do to blunt the edge of the event. 
I would not be surprised if this article receives only half of the readership my other articles receive.

At which point he goes on to offer strategies to resist with.

This one caught my eye, and he craftily avoids the obvious, ... that he is suggesting this.

Quote:Vigilante Justice
I am not condoning OR criticizing this kind of development, but I am pointing out that it is inevitable.

I think the danger of lone-wolf vigilantes acting without group contact,
and without warning,
is terrifying to the globalists. 

They have fairly effective response plans in place for the lone wolf,
unless he is exceptionally smart in fine tuned planning ...
the lone wolf has to use the weapon that the author says the globalists use  --- Patience ---, 
patience and planning more effectively than they can keep track of.
Kazynski the Unibomber was this type.
What they are more afraid of,
is a catalytic reaction to their messy routines ...
when a number of lone wolves suddenly go off all at once, 
in somewhat of a mass frenzy of copycat killings and such.

The economic warfare he talks about is well seen in Russian sanctions on the global political level.
I see the economic warfare coming against us, the citizens,
from the perspective of food prices and availability in the future.
Eating healthy and well is going to get expensive.

Look at health care costs. 
cancer cure? Rofl
not a chance, 
it's big business with big pockets. 
They {globalist pharma-terror corporations} will create far more cancer than they can even treat,
let alone cure. 

Excerpts from article:
Quote:Trump's Comments Are Big Pharma's Nightmare
Many pharmaceutical executives hoped that because of the Republican Party's 
long-term opposition to price controls and love of free markets, 
a Trump presidency would involve fewer controls on drug prices t
han a Hillary Clinton one.  Lol
But at his first press conference today, 
Trump made it very clear that is not the case. 
Here's what he said, via NPR:
"I think a lot of industries are going to be coming back. 
We have to get our drug industry coming back. 
Our drug industry has been disastrous. 
They’re leaving left and right. 
They supply our drugs, but they don't make them here. 
To a large extent. 
And the other thing we have to do is create a new bidding procedures for the drug industry 
because they're getting away with murder.

Pharma has a lot of lobbies, 

a lot of lobbyists and a lot of power. 
And there's very little bidding on drugs. 
We’re the largest buyer of drugs in the world, and yet we don't bid properly. 
And were going to start bidding and were going to save billions of dollars over a period of time."
Donald Trump is going to be a populist president. 
Pharmaceutical companies are a popular villain. That's it.

And there are ways Trump could use executive power to hurt drug companies that charge high prices. 
When Dendreon, 
a Seattle biotech since bought and sold by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, 
introduced a cancer drug that cost almost $93,000 in 2010, 
Medicare put it through a gauntlet called a National Coverage Determination, 
slowing adoption of the drug. (It flopped.) 
There are plenty of steps a Medicare administrator motivated by working for an angry Donald Trump 
could take to hurt a drug company whose price had been deemed too high.

Drug company executives have not been blithely unaware that this might happen. 

Some have been addressing it publicly. 
In December, at the Forbes Healthcare Summit,
Allergan Chief Executive Brent Saunders announced an expanded patient assistance program 
to make sure that patients could get access to Allergan medicines for mental illness and infectious disease. 
He'd also pledged not to take large price increases, 
limiting Allergan to 10% increases no more than once a year. 

It turns out that Trump didn't wait for the next egregious drug price increase. 
He just threw his comments into his first press conference. 

People are mad about drug prices, 
and they don't like drug companies, and that makes this a great issue for Trump.

Better yet, it could become a bipartisan issue, 
one of the few where Democrats will come across the aisle to support change, 
if anybody can figure out what change is. 
The pharmaceutical industry has just been thrown in a hole, 
handed a shovel, and told to dig itself out.

One of the key voices to listen to on this is that of Leonard Schleifer, Whip
the founder of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, a Tarrytown, N.Y., biotechnology company. 
Regeneron has become a $4.7 billion (sales) company 
thanks largely to a drug called Eylea, 
which treats age-related blindness. 

Schleifer, who is a billionaire because of his Regeneron stake, has become a critic of his peers. 
Here at the J.P. Morgan meeting, 
he went off-script during his investor presentation 
and spent more time talking about drug pricing 
and the industry's reputation than about his own company's finances.
It was a line of discussion that he'd started at the Forbes Healthcare Summit. 

I asked a panel of pharmaceutical chief executives why the industry is so hated. 
After the others had answered, 
Schleifer was literally quivering in his seat. 
"If you look at the prices of drugs, 
they have gone up, 
sometimes double digits twice a year as a very efficient way of increasing profits 
without coupled to any innovation," 
Schleifer said. 
"It's ridiculous. 
It's no wonder. 
I hate us also when I see all this stuff."  Applause


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