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Next President of the United Fates of America
What a fucking all day melee on the network news over the Trump banning of Muslims,
from several countries.
Iraq has already retaliated politically. 

I caught bits and pieces of the CNN bobble head news jews daily castration of Trump.
Most notably was Alan Dershowitz,
condemning the acting attorney general for "clearly showboating in order to be fired" 
but also pointing to Trump as making a mistake in firing her.
All in all Dershowitz offered more support of Trump's action than anything else.
Dershowitz clearly labeled the acting attorney general as out of line and not doing her job properly.

I would have fired her just as fast.
I think that all the "global indignation" is a laugh and a joke.

Trump however,
could temper down his bulldog attack strategy of moving quickly in campaign promises.
But that is his style and he plans on using it to play his game,
riding the presidential race horse with blinders to the Triple Crown.

CNN called it total chaos in the new Trump admin.
I bet that Trump is unfazed by all the backlash.
Expect more of the same at a fast pace.

How Trump’s Rush to Enact an Immigration Ban Unleashed Global Chaos

Quote:blah blah 989 blah blah blah

Itza long article about Bad Donald  Lol
but worth the reading just to keep track of their anti Trump propaganda plays.

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