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Next President of the United Fates of America
Ukraine ... shmoo-kraine ... the action is at Berkeley University  Rofl
hundreds of "intellectual" youth and students rioted tonight.

One large painted banner spread open by 6 people stated: This Is War  Rofl

It was fucking hilarious.
Teeny bops were attacking university buildings with baseball bats and metal barricades.
One guy got tired of bashing and another took his bat and finished off the huge window.
Bonfires of protest trashed debris were lit, 
and the dance boogie seen in the firelight was only missing a couple of kegs of beer,
to enhance the party these protesters had.

The police showed remarkable restraint.
The last I looked ... the police had retreated to the second floor of the building,
after the punk and pussy riot had broken through to the first floor,
while CNN camera crew followed carefully.

I was half hoping that some of the black clad "anarchists" might rough up the CNN camera man a pinch,
take his live news cam,
and toss it into the bonfire.

from   Reefer

the link is loaded with 6 excellent short videos of the punk and pussy riot Applause
Riot breaks out at UC Berkeley amid protest of Breitbart editor's speech 

Quote:A protest turned violent at the University of California at Berkeley, 
resulting in the cancellation of a talk from conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yiannopoulos, an editor of Breitbart News, 
was expected speak against “sanctuary campuses,” 
which promised to protect undocumented students 
in wake of President Donald Trump's tough stance on illegal immigration. 

In response to the violence, 
UC Berkeley Police have warned students to "leave the area immediately,"  Rofl
as they are bringing in "additional resources."

Hours after a lockdown was declared across campus by police, 
many orders of dispersal, 
including several five-minute warnings went largely ignored.

Once those backup forces arrived, 
police used a bullhorn to warn protesters they would be subject to force, 
"including but not limited to chemical agents, 
batons and less lethal munitions."  


Yiannopoulos, an editor of Breitbart News: 
I have been evacuated from the UC Berkeley campus 
after violent left-wing protestors 
tore down barricades, 
lit fires, threw rocks and Roman candles at the windows 
and breached the ground floor of the building. 

My team and I are safe. 
But the event has been cancelled. 
I'll let you know more when the facts become clear. 
One thing we do know for sure: 
the Left is absolutely terrified of free speech and will do literally anything to shut it down.

Around 8:00pm local time, protesters moved off campus, 
onto surrounding streets including Telegraph Avenue.

Rioters attempting to block traffic did not appear to stop a white BMW 
that sped off with at least one person still clinging to the vehicle. 
The unruly crowd then chased the car down the street,
 but Michael Bodley of the San Francisco Chronicle reported that a different, 
unrelated driver was then attacked with pepper-spray while his vehicle was struck with stakes. 
"It was a white car," Bodley reported someone yelling.

A Walgreens pharmacy was spray-painted with the words "Kill fascists,"  Rofl
while Bank of America ATMs were smashed.

A female Trump supporter was attacked with pepper-spray by a rioter 
during an interview with local TV media. 
Others were struck with flag poles hoisted by black-clad anarchists.

Berkeley Police reported their officers were targeted with projectiles, 
including bricks and smoking objects. 
The university's police locked down campus buildings and ordered the public to shelter in place.

Tear gas was deployed after many calls from police for the crowd to disperse 

or face arrest for unlawful assembly. 
There were several five-minute warnings proclaimed from police PA systems.


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