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Next President of the United Fates of America
What will probably happen is that China and Iran will probably both provoke the US,
almost simultaneously,
one right after the other, to double test US resolve under the Trump admin..

Russia is willing to wait right now and see how the Trump - Putin negotiations play out.
We really have to try and smooth things out at least a little bit with the Russians.

Keeping Russia pacified while attending to Iran and China would be very good idea.

Trump handled OReilly's recent interview questions on FOX about Putin very well IMO.
OReilly hit Trump with the ... Putin is a killer ... accusation {true}.
Trump simply put it out honestly ---- "you think America is innocent?"

America is certainly more innocent than Putin's overall actions, 
but Trump realizes that you have to look past that, because the US ain't no saint either,
in a world full of killers that run countries.

Trump is the only one who can go into meeting Putin with an open mind for hope and progress.

News talk today was about Trump and Putin discussing sanctions and Russia's nuclear arsenal.
Let's hope that all goes well, and some kind of warming of relations ensues.

Pence was talking about Iran today.
His comment was strikingly firm.
"We just aren't going to put up with them anymore"
in relation to their belligerence and overt threats and attacks.

Dealing with China forcefully will require a more peaceful relationship with Russia.
We definitely don't want to have to take on China and Russia,
in the coming global political power melee of confrontations. 

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