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Next President of the United Fates of America
In between being too busy Whip
I caught a few moments on the anti-Trump news network -- CNN Whip
and of course,
they had their early morning News Jew -- Kate "Dutch Boy" Bolduan Whip
and the CNN anti-Trump tirade du jour.

If I had a nickel for every time they mentioned the word Russians on CNN today,
I could buy a ticket to next years Super Bowl.

And then there's Kate in that godforsaken Dutch Boy haircut she sports,
trying to look all politically correct,
as her arms grow fatter and fatter with age Rofl

I just cannot stand that Dutcth Boy hairdo any longer.

So I grabbed the camera and took a shot of Kate --- LIVE -- this morning on CNN.
And I made a cartoon,
out of the bad resolution image.

I gave Kate a new hairdo, 
something between late 60's Star Trek and pseudo-psychedelic hippie Hi  ho. 

[Image: jBTaumg.jpg]

And that was CNN in perspective ... this mornings "breaking news" -- Kate has a new hairdo.

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