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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:I am afraid we may have seen Trump commit political suicide at his press conference today.

I have never heard such senseless prattle from a President in my life.
He is not going to last 'til Fall.

How does 'President Pence' sound?

Trump has committed "political suicide" on a plethora of occasions,
proving to be quite resilient, resourceful and always on the rebound effectively with results.

I thought he belabored the evil media issue way too much,
but he took them all on quite well enough actually.

However FSB, 
you did touch upon a fracturing of tolerance many Republicans are experiencing.
They cannot handle his unpredictability.
Trump's problem is that he focuses too much on the war against him by media giants,
like CNN and several newspapers.

One senior commentator on O'Reilly tonight was exasperated by what he called:
'Trump being way too thin skinned
and he is right.

Trump has to mature into the office of presidency,
and he has an all out war waged against him by CNN and big east coast newspapers,
doing everthing they can to sabotage his every move.

Jake Tapper of CNN came "unhinged" himself after the Trump news broadcast.
CNN is going into an all out war to burn Trump out of office at this point.

If you want to watch how the anti-Trump forces operate this media war against Trump,
watch the CNN news personality shows tomorrow.
It is 7 AM to 12 midnight solid nonstop anti Trump news broadcasting.
Anderson Stupor,
Don Cow Lemon,
and nauseating critters like Brian Stelter.
It is non-stop Trump bashing and it is getting ugly.

This roller coaster ride is just barely starting to get crazy.

As much as I didn't care for Flynn,
I don't see his misadventure with the Russian ambassador as inappropriate.
The puzzle is why did he refrain from informing the VP Pence?
In that regard, he fucked up,
but there is obviously more to the story.

Trump is being backed into a corner on the Putin issue.
He doesn't like it, 
and he has Republicans like McCain,
causing this overt trouble with addressing Putin on a more balanced perspective.
Trump is most definitely correct about one important comment he made:
"getting along with Russia would be a good thing"

He has to try to break the cold war down into something more tangible to world peace.
Russia will never give up Crimea.
We need to get past that.
Dealing with eastern Ukraine is another matter.
More important is dealing with Iran.

I did mention a couple of posts ago ... 
who the odds on favorite for next president of the USA was. 
I for one however, would like to see Trump survive the next four years.
He deserves the chance to make it happen -- his way.

And if you understand that media giants like CNN have Trump as their primary target,
you can surely see that a hidden powerful apparatus certainly exists,
making contingency plans,
that also has Trump as their  ... primary target.


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