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Next President of the United Fates of America
Trump is losing my confidence quickly with his recent attack on state marijuana laws.
With all the fucking problems in the USA and the world that America needs to work on,
he chooses a confrontation with states rights on MJ.
He obviously has nothing better to do,
than waste time with such an effort.
His state of mind is coming into question, even within my long solid support of his actions.

He also does not realize how many older pot smoking people supported him, 
and will turn against him.

If he pursues this course of action, I am going to turn against him fast.
This will go bad for Trump if he pursues this.
It is unnecessarily draconian in content and concept.
I for one, will totally abandon my support for him.
Personally I do not think that Pence would bother with this.
We shall see.  

This is where I draw the line with Trump.
This effort on his part is superfluous and simply ridiculous.
States have rights and he is just pushing things too far just for shucks and giggles in power playhousing.

All he has to do is send the feds in to close down the legal growers and prosecute,
and the immediate supply dries up, 
and Washington state governor for one will defend the states right on MJ.

5 billion a year expected in California from legalization when they go that direction.
No fucking wall will stop MJ and drug importation,
and no new federal enforcement will stop illegal growers from springing up all over again.
Trump is clueless in this regard.

You can bet there are DEA slobs drooling to play the enforcement stooge on legal MJ growers,
wasting tax payer money on such enforcement.
I am disgusted that Trump would go in this direction.
It makes no sense.

They are trying to link MJ to the opioid addiction crisis.
It is absurd, and bizarre to try and put the two substances together.
All research points to no link between MJ leading to opioid addiction.

People have been smoking weed enmasse in this country for 50 years.
It is not going to change or go away.
This misguided political grandstanding is going to backfire badly on Trump.

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