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Next President of the United Fates of America
I had to read theat Rolling Stones article twice Whip
because I was too tired from a long day, when I started to read.
Glad I did.
I like the ending of the 2nd quote:

Quote:There is a lot of smoke in the Russia story.

Reporters should be scared to their marrow Uhoh by this story. 

This is a high-wire act and it is a very long way down  SpidereekA

We might want to leave the jokes                               SpidereekA
and the nicknames be,
until we get to the other side – wherever that is.  

That is the way I see this as well.
"there's a lot of smoke in this Russia story"

I am not too concerned about it,
and actually don't care if Trump had contact with the Russians.
Chances are good that the Deep State Vampires won't get the blood they are thirsting for.

The Russia Alfa Bank nonsense is primetime on the Cartoon News Network of course,
which leads to the Hannity segment on FOX:

Quote:Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer and William Binney weigh in on Vault 7 and the CIA.

So I thought to myself  ... Hmm2 Whip  Who the fuck is Lt. Col. Tony Shafer ?

This site gives Lt. Col. Tony a glowing page long detail driven assessment.
A sample:

Quote:Lt Col Shaffer serves a senior fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies (CADS) 
he has conducted multiple courses of instruction, 
to include the Psychology of Terrorism, Leadership and Effects Based Operations. 

He has testified before Congress on key intelligence issues, 
lectured at the U.S. Army War College and is nationally known Subject Matter Expert (SME) 
intelligence collection and policy, terrorism, data mining, 
situational awareness and adaptive/disruptive technologies. 
He is also a senior advisor to multiple organizations on terrorism,
cyber operations and counterinsurgency issues and a member of the US Nuclear Strategy Forum.

Lt. Co. Tony Shafer was the subject of censored memoirs by the Pentagon:

Quote:Shaffer published memoirs of his time as a reports officer in Afghanistan 
in a book titled Operation Dark Heart. 

The Defense Department attempted to preserve Ninja  secrecy of revelations made by the book, 

by buying up Anon

and destroying  Naughty

all 10,000 copies Rofl of the book's first, uncensored run, 

allowing for the release of a second, censored printing. 

However, several uncensored pre-release copies were distributed, 
allowing a person in possession of an earlier copy 
to compare it to the redacted version 
to glean what the government considers unfit for public consumption.

The other fellow mentioned in the Hannity show was William Binney.

This video with Dobbs covers Binney's views pretty well

Quote:What Binney did not delve into, however, 
was if President Obama directed surveillance on Trump for political purposes during the campaign, 
a core accusation of Trump's. 
But Binney did say events such as publication of details of private calls: 
between President Trump, 
and the Australian prime minister, 
as well as with the Mexican president, 
are evidence the intelligence community is playing hardball with the White House.

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