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Next President of the United Fates of America
Myaybe Trump learned his lesson this time.

Pointing to Obama as the culprit of wire tapping Trump Tower was a really bad move.

Trump's great speech to Congress was totally forgotten,
in the aftermath of the accusations against Obama.
Those accusations only gave media giants like CNN fuel to burn Trump with.

Trump's propensity to shoot himself in the foot gets tiring,
and one wonders whether or not he will ever wisen up,
to take his advantage {when he makes one},
and let it ride.

If he had kept his big mouth shut on the Obama issue for two more weeks,
he could have ridden a wave of popular positive reaction to his Congressional speech,
that he did so well on.

Instead, he sabotages his own successes with Tweet Trash.
This is going to wear his own support base down if he keeps it up.

Trump has to hold "campaign rallies" frequently just to defray the momentum
that CNN and others continually rebuild in their efforts to derail his presidency.

His Attorney General -- Sessions -- is a stupid worthless tick, that should be squashed.
Making statements like this:

Quote:Marijuana is just as dangerous as heroin

Travel Ban blocked, Obama health care still intact,
and it will be very interesting to see if that new GOP plan passes.

Trump needs to shut the fuck up on unnecessary bullshit.
This entire Obama wire tapping mumbo jumbo,
is the biggest hole that Trump has shot into his own foot yet.

Thinking twice about creating personal chaos that halts your own presidential momentum,
and talking less tweet bullshit,
might be a better idea at this point.

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