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Next President of the United Fates of America
Good post Wook.
His positive opinion counts well in this mess, 
with the Russian diplomatic contacts by Trump people.

By Jack Matlock, the 4-year U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987-1991

I did notice this part on Sessions: 
Quote:I don’t know whether Attorney General Sessions will resign or not. 
It would seem that his recusal from any investigation on the subject would be adequate. 

He would not have been my candidate for attorney general 
and if I had been in the Senate I most likely would not have voted in favor of his confirmation. 

Nevertheless, I have no problem with the fact that he occasionally exchanged words with Ambassador Kislyak.

I think that Sessions is a worthless shit head,
but I agree with Matlock,
the exchanges with Kislyak are irrelelvant and exceedingly superfluous for the media to go after,
as in most cases in this nonsense.

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