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Next President of the United Fates of America
Between the Democrats,
and Lindsay Graham and McCain,
and the big money big media TV and newspaper corporate whoredoms like CNN,
all ganging up to deep six this administration,
Trump doesn't stand much of a chance getting much accomplished in the face of this pressure.

They are going to shove every Russian associated with VEB bank and the Kremlin,
right up Trump's ass, 
until they can get their blood sport game satisfied.

VEB bank -- Putins pet bank -- Bank of Putin and now Kushner,
are front and center stage on the CNN style media vampire torture rack. 

This passage from a Huffington Post article yesterday,
pretty much sums up what the true push is:
they want to push -- treason -- as a media brainwashing of the public that listens to them.

Quote: The possibility of treason committed in exchange for power, 
money and influence does not seem as crazy
as all the shenanigans surrounding the odd character of Donald J. Trump.

After lying his way up to the White House  Naughty

and instilling his brand of deception into every move during his seven weeks in power, 
it is difficult to imagine the “I alone can fix it” tough leader 
alienated of the potentially criminal actions of his close associates, 
currently being investigated for colluding with Russia to takeover the Executive. 

That the “America first” President could be a traitor Nonono
is arguably the most serious accusation a person in his position could ever face and, 
if the party he leads does not stop its complicit ways 
and decisively commits to an investigation by an independent prosecutor, 
the bullet may as well fire right on our head Whip sooner than later

Trump White house has delivered a feeble protest to the Russian govt.
over the arrest and detentions of the recent Moscow protesting,
on the Medvedev corruption video released by Navalny.

This is to try and deflect the massive media presence inside Trumps sphincture,
by feigning a western democarcy style protest towards Putin's Kremlin gang.

Lindsay Graham and McCain are actually just as bad as the Democrats in all this.

Alexei Navalny wants to run for president of Russia.
Medvedev will be trashed and thrown out soon enough.

Will Navalny become another assassination in the long list of Putin opponents?
... eight in the last 6 months ...
If Navalny gets deep state - deep sixed into the flower bed of Russian daisies,
Trump will have more problems with opening up Russian dialogue,
and improving Russian relations.

Navalny with Moscow police after his arrest at the protests
[Image: undefined]

here is Navalny's twitter account
if you want to translate the Russian --- 1.8 million followers


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