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Next President of the United Fates of America

Anne Coulter -- hitting Trump in the eye with her high heel

march 21
Ann Coulter: Trump 'starting to look like every other Republican administration'
Quote:“This is starting to look like every other Republican administration,” she added.

“We want more jobs,
a wall,
and lots of deportations.”  

“Trump has got to get off this stuff and get off tax cuts,
and get back on the stuff that got him elected,” 
Coulter said Tuesday.

Coulter remains unconvinced. 
She railed against the measure on Hannity’s show 
and unleashed a flurry of tweets Rofl
condemning the bill Whip
 and accusing Trump of veering from his campaign trail promises.

“On the other hand, Trump numbers dropping is significant. 
Trump got elected for wall, deportations & trade. 
Instead he's doing tax cuts & Obamacare Lite  Rofl    she tweeted, 

Ryancare not only destroys any chance of reform, 

but guarantees single payer & demoralizes us with more politicians who can't keep promises,” 
she wrote in another post, 
using a name critics have given to the AHCA.

A few days later Coulter tones down her Trump bashing.
Ann Coulter: ‘Give Us The Free Market’ For Health Care

Quote: “I think Trump was just being nice to Ryan. Rofl

Coulter ---> Gangup <---- Trump

I know I’m a little starry-eyed 
but I am holding the Emperor-God Trump harmless on this. Lol

Every president only has a few big issues that he can push through,” she said. 

“The reason Trump won this astonishing victory, 
despite never being in politics before and not really being, until now, 
anybody’s idea of a president was because of immigration, trade, jobs, putting Americans first. 

He should be building the wall.”

Ann Coulter set to lecture at UC Berkeley just months after historic protests


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