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Next President of the United Fates of America
Most interesting and even amusing is Flynn wanting "immunity" to testify.

The Democraps all think Flynn has the flame smoking gun that they can play out on Trump,
but I think that Flynn is only going to give them lost and useless burnt garbage.

I find it odd to predict  ... I think this may be pantomine by Flynn more than anything.
He would take the rap for Trump if anything,
and maybe that is what he is trying to do,
play himself off as the burnt garbage that has no trace evidence.

I thought this was a good image today

[Image: 35972.jpg?ts=1490914733]

the above image part with Putin saying "watch my lips, NO"
well ... 
Putin wrongly attributed the phrase to Reagan in the interview. 
Funny that he wouldn't give Bush credit,
or simply forgot.

The Flynn spin and roper dope soap opera should be quite interesting tomorrow.



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