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Next President of the United Fates of America
I'll repeat here post in WWIII :

RASH RASH RASH decision to strike, Syria bombed an ISIS stronghold that WAS MAKING THEIR OWN NERVE GAS !!!

The CIA Terrorist Handbook I got by dialing CIA numbers in 1983 looking for UFO related material shows HOW to make all sorts of bombs, IEDs, even Atomic Bomb details are in that file.  This was in a time when I was using Commodore 128, dialed various numbers and what came on screen could NOT screen capture it, could NOT save file, could NOT print file --- only when I ran the FAX software that the printer started printing the file with paper with holes on the sides to feed into the printer.

Syria was BOMBING ISIS folks, and their families, who were making their OWN weapons of Mass Destruction that the CIA ITSELF had on a PERMANENT feed during the Iran-Contra War.  ANYONE who were looking at government phone #'s in the NETLISTS could have downloaded that file.

I have not, and will NEVER, post it, but the information to make ANY type of bomb, rocket, guidance, gas, or other destructive means and methods was laid out by the Ollie North CIA faction.

Trump should have been SURE that it was Syrian gas, or was it like last time, it was ISIS/Syrian Rebels making that gas at that location they used REGULAR bomb on the facility and THAT expanded the gas.  So ALL the people who were gassed was ISIS/Rebels fault.


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