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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Out of 50+ great "Tomahawk Missiles" only 23 hit anything.

you know nothing about military effectiveness in weaponry,
other than what you read on the Syrian news.
any information you have comes from either Russian news or the Syrian govt.,
which is the sole source of those claims of childen being killed.
and that source is about as worthless,
as your opinion on Tomahawks.

I guarantee you that the Russians take US destroyer Tomahawk missiles quite seriously, 
and fully expect that some of them are going to hit on the way in,
and likewise for the US, on Russian capabilities.

When Russia shot their long distance cruise missiles at Syria,
several fell out of the sky and landed on Iran. Lol

S 300 and 400 will certainly take out a good percentage of any incoming missiles.
However it depends on how the attack is conducted and aligned with other strategies,
such as B-2 bombers and F-16's , etc., in tandem.

If you think that those Russian S 300 and 400 defense systems are invulnerable, better think again.
The Israelis have already stated that when they have to, 
they are going to dismantle Assad's s 300 and s 400 defense systems.

Quote:Out of 50+ great "Tomahawk Missiles" only 23 hit anything. 
Also there was CIVILIAN casualties as well as "small babies".

Nobody believes that, not even the Russians.
You don't know shit from the Syrian grave shovel in your hands.
There weren't any civilians on that air base let alone children.
You make up shit out of the thin air manufactured in Damascus for clowns,
that are willing to repeat their nonsense and bullshit.


It is amazing how you are willing to embarrass yourself posting such blind stupidity.
Both the Russians and effectively then the Syrians were given PLENTY of warning,
that the missiles were coming in.
If they left children and civilians behind for the attack, 
then the brutality of that is on Assad using "human shields" to ramp up news propaganda.

Quote:As I stated elsewhere, this "gas" was an Israeli ISIS origin, similar to the DANCING Israelis on 9/11.

"Israeli - ISIS origin"


You don't even know the difference between al-Nusra and ISIS,
which was clearly shown earlier in your ridiculous comments,
let alone knowing Sunni from Shia.

Clowntime is over. 
You are nothing more than a mouthpiece for Assad propaganda,
and many of your assertions are nothing more than the garbage,
that comes out of Damascus,
from a genocidal maniac's government.

The gas was Assad's doing plain and simple.
Assad thought that he had the green light from Trump's Syria policy,
and his game was to use that banned nerve gas, 
then say that he hit a gas depot used by "terrorists" and propagandise,
how that gas was dispersed to effect their propaganda.

does ISIS have nerve gas? 
They probably do.
but they don't have an air force to deliver it.
You don't know shit about nerve gas Bob.
Aerial dispersal of nerve gas depends on aerial deployment of the explosive.
Bombed "nerve gas factory" storage sites do not disperse nerve gas like aerial explosives,
that are manufactured for wide aerial dispersal criteria.

The Damascus attack by Assad in 2013 
Quote:UN inspectors in Syria: under fire, in record time, sarin is confirmed
UN inspectors had been in Syria only three days when reports came in of a huge chemical weapons attack 
in the suburbs of Damascus. 
The team was ordered to shelve plans to visit the sites of other alleged incidents 
and make straight for Ghouta, 
where scores of people lay dead or injured.

Weather records showed the morning of 21 August was ideal for an attack with a chemical agent. 
The temperature was dropping before 5am, 
causing air to move downwards. 
The agents are heavy, 
and stay close to the ground, 
but the added currents would drive the chemical down into basements 
and lower levels of buildings where people were seeking shelter.

The planning was delicate and complex. 
To visit Ghouta the team had to reach agreements with the Syrian government and each rebel faction, 
one by one. 
They pulled together a tenuous and temporary ceasefire that would last for five hours daily 
between 26 and 29 August.

On the 26th the team set out for Moadamiya in west Ghouta, 
which had been attacked on 21 August. 
On the road in the lead car in their convoy was shot up with sniper fire. 
The attack cost the mission time but no lives. 
They returned later and spent two hours gathering evidence.

The team faced repeated threats of harm and severe time constraints, 
but in three days on site gathered more than 50 witness statements 
from people caught up in the attacks – 
patients, health workers and first responders. 

The survivors recalled a period of shelling and then the swift onset of a grim pattern of symptoms: 
shortness of breath, disorientation, blurred vision, vomiting, weakness, loss of consciousness. 
Those first on the scene saw scores of people lying on the ground, the dead and the dying. 
Many survivors reported deaths of family members. 
Two brothers from Zamalka said that of 40 family members in a building there, they were the only survivors.

Some who went to help became ill themselves. 
Nine nurses and seven physicians, who were at home at the time of the attack, 
gave interviews 
Some who went to help became ill themselves. Nine nurses and seven physicians, who were at home at the time of the attack, gave interviews to 
the mission. They helped survivors with first aid, decontaminated them with water, and got them to hospital however they could, usually by private car. The lucky ones were treated with atropine, hydrocortisone and oxygen

From each of the sites they visited the inspectors gathered 30 more samples to test. 
They wiped apartment walls and floors. 
They found spent rockets and wiped warheads, 
the rocket bodies, and a bolt removed from one device. 
They took pieces of a pillow, sheets, a carpet, a headscarf. 
They collected metal fragments, soil from craters, 
and rubble from the point where a munition ploughed into the roof of a building
All were sent to the OPCW labs for testing. 
The majority tested positive for sarin, its degradation products, 
or substances involved in making the agent.

In record time, under battlefield conditions, the team of scientists, doctors, interpreters and technicians, 

led by the Swedish chemical weapons expert åke Sellström, 
confirmed unequivocally that chemical weapons had been used. 
The incident ranks as the most significant confirmed use since Saddam Hussein 
used them against civilians in Halabja in 1988.

Quote:Sarin itself reacts easily with water 
and so it breaks down when it meets rain, 
moisture in the air or sweat. 
The agent's fragility in water led hospital staff in Syria 
to uses hoses to drench rooms where they received victims after chemical attacks. 
For the same reason, sarin does not hang around for long in the environment, or in people.

Bob says:

Quote:Don't be surprised if Tillerson is "dis-invited" to fly to Moscow,


Quote:We are Israeli's bitch,
and Trump has no way out as long as his Son-In-Law is running Mideast policy.

Well then that makes you Assad's bitch,
you suck up anything they say in Damascus, 
and then spit it out.

So ... you blame Kushner for the attack by "running Mid-East policy".
You think he prompted Trump to take action?
That is so lame.
Everything you have said thus far, 
needs a crutch and wheelchair,
it is so lame.
US strikes on Syria: 
Xi Jinping told Donald Trump he understood the US response 'because of the death of children'


You won't see Xi JinPing saying shit about children dieing at the Syrian air base.

down to brass tacks now

US isn't going to do shit in Syria for the time being,
the US is on it's way to North Korea to either watch Xi handle the Korean warthog,
or position for a strike on North Korean missile systems.

Let's see if Assad and the Russians try and confront US air forces 
"illegally in Syria" {quote Assad}
as the US coalition advances on Raqqa.

The US attack on the airbase was a lame effort IMO however.

Let's see Assad put his money where his mouth is.
Let the Russians and Syrians use their S 300 and S 400 systems,
if the US advances any more punitive attacks.

That will provide all the answers to all the speculation on their effectiveness,
and the US ability militarily,
to handle Russian military technologies.

That will clear up any talk by McCain and Graham about "no fly zones"
because if the US cannot penetrate, 
dismantle or get around Russian air defense systems in Syria,
then the only "no fly zones" in Syria,
will be enforced by Russia.

If Trump is smart, he will wait for a much more opportune event and moment to strike,
with far more military assets.


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