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Next President of the United Fates of America

This is the comic relief and cartoon side of the never ending war in Syria,
the Trump Southern White House Rock and Roller Coaster 
and the,
International Spook Haunted  House Media Circus Whip

While having dinner tonite ... the TV was on ... suddenly it was:

Justice Jeanine Bkiss Pirro  
FOX News

I like Justice Jeanne because no matter what she wears a wild outfit,
she has really nice sized fake titties or else she is very well preserved,
and while her sexy lips move so provocatively in her Opening Statement,
Justice Jeanne is the absolute die-hardest fan,
of Donald Trump.

Nobody loves Donald Trump more than Justice Jeanine on FOX News.

It's just hilarious to watch the FOX media circus as well, 
and an interesting entertainment venue actually with Pirro.
She has all those stiff bitches over at CNN completely thrashed in media news personality dynamism.
CNN's Kate "Dutch Boy" Bolduan is a schoolgirl next to justice Pirro.

I happened to have my camera handy on the table next to the TV.

Justice Jeanine Propaganda Princess Pirro   FOX News
scenes from tonites show

[Image: z2Oid8E.jpg]



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