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Next President of the United Fates of America
WINNING: Gallup Reports U.S. Job Creation Index Continues to Hit Record Highs

Gallup’s March Job Creation Index hit a record high for the third month in a row, according to data published on its website last week.

“The Gallup Job Creation Index rose to +37 in March from +35 in February,” Gallup reported. “This is the third month in a row the index has hit a new record high after remaining relatively flat for much of 2016.”

The index has increased by four points since the start of 2017 — the same increase that occurred throughout all of 2016, Gallup reported, noting that the index “typically rises during the first quarter of the year, with two- to three-point increases seen during this period in most years since 2010.”

The Gallup Job Creation Index is calculated based on the perception of employed adults in the United States on whether their employer is hiring or laying off employees, with results reached “by subtracting the percentage of those who say their employer is cutting jobs from the percentage of those who say their employer is adding jobs.”

Last month, 46% of employees said their company was hiring, up from 44% in February, while the percentage who said workers were being let go held at 9%.

“While the index does not account for the quality or types of jobs added or lost, or whether they are full or
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