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Next President of the United Fates of America
Bob says,

Quote:Since BEFORE 9/11 and the ...  "Dancing Israeli's"

Gee Bob, you must count Dancing Israelis like sheep Sheep  when you can't Sheep  sleep.

Dancing Israelis
In depth and concise
9/11 Revisited: Declassified FBI Files Reveal New Details About ‘The Five Israelis’
SEPTEMBER 11, 2015


this clown infestation 
exhibits the full FBI documentation of the Dancing Israelis,
note their conclusion was thermite
in depth and excessive

The funniest part about the 911 era dancing Dershowitzers,
was their pictures,
what a pack of weepy wimpy matzoh ball terds  Rofl

meanwhile back in 2017 
live on Cartoon News Network

we still have ... Hmm2

Dancing Scream Israelis

Three days in a row of Sean Spicer's Clown Derby Du Jour.
Poor guy is just taking a hammering.
Of all people,
it was Dershowitz coming to the defense of Spicer today on Cartoon News Network,
over the Hitler - gas comments.
Dershowitz was there to give Spicer:
the Official Jew Forgive You Blessing 

Jew Forgive You
Get Out of Jew Hell Passport

next thing you know ... 

Spicer will be dancing like a 911 Israeli Intelligence agent back in 2001

Dancing with Dershowitz ... on CNN.

In any case Spicer had the worst week of any News Secretary ever in history of the US.

Even the Iranians are amused.

[Image: Hassan%2BRohani%2Band%2BAyatollah%2BAli%2BKhameni.jpg]

Kim Jong Un
watched the Spicer and the Dancing Dershowitz,
the US carrier group on it's way in CNN footage today as well,

dance  Sheep dance  Sheep dance


Tillerson showed up in Moscow today,
and Putin told him a Dancing Dershowitz joke about today's Spicer misadventure,
[Image: putinlaugh.jpg]


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