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Next President of the United Fates of America

summed you up in a Nut shell

hey Wook,
Goshawks favorite news source -- 
his primary source of political propaganda:
Jim Stone -- is an obvious NSA fly trap operation.

See the Jim Stone quotes,
at the bottom of this post <---

You had to be pretty stupid to spend 3 tours in Vietnam,
Every soldier I ever met that returned from Nam,
never wanted to go back.
... and I don't believe you anyways.

What makes me laugh out loud,
is that both you and Bob didn't see it coming.
See what coming?
You thought he would just sit there and say nothing to Assad gassing his own people.
You thought that the Trump fairy tale was going to kiss Putin's ass.

It is unfortunate that Trump's attempt at smoothing things with Putin has failed at this juncture.
The world would be a better place if that were so.
But it ain't gonna happen,
as long as Putin feeds weapons to Iran who feeds them to Hezbollah.

Did you notice Wook ...?
that Israel flies into Syria ---> with impunity  Hi
and bombs Hezbollah convoys whenever they want to.
Where are the Russian s-300 and s-400 air defense systems?
Just what kind of agreement did Putin make with Netanyahu?

Your gripe Wook, isn't with Trump,
it is with his generals advising him.

Where are the Russians at the UN on the bogus US coalition air strike,
on ISIS chem weapons storage site Wook?

You posted this story like it was real news.
It is Syrian military fake news.
You are fake news Wook.

This is the same shit that Goshawks would post.
Lies from the Syrian military.
What a pathetic way to look at the world.
The world ... according to Assad.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

I'm tired of throat slashing with you and Bob,
over a bloodthirsty genocidal maniac named Assad.

As a gesture I stayed away from both of your threads on Iraq, Iran, world war 3 etc.
At this point I need to consider myself even being here again.

It wasn't me that started all this being personal.
Note that it was Bob,
who initiated the use of nonsense bullshit negative feedbacks against me a few months ago,
like a silly schoolgirl complaining about losing her panties at the prom.

most repeatedly favorite source of news information -- Jim Stone Whip

quote -- 
near the top of his page right now:

Quote:The Quran is to a large extent a book of law.  Rofl ---> {shariah law}
And if you read the texts the founding fathers wrote, 
there is little, 
if anything in the Quran that is not compatible. 

All this talk about Shariah being horrible, 
is either the product of a spewing fool or an outright lie, 
if Shariah
was actually put in place in America 

and America actually followed it Nonono 
the biggest thing people would notice is that the swamp got drained. 

And the Federal Reserve would be gone 
and replaced with a financial system that did not bleed the people dry.

you favorite buddy Wook -- Goshawks -- was a Jim Stone propaganda pimp,
and Jim Stone is  a Shariah sympathizer.


Jim Stone is promoting Sharia Law as a venue to "drain the swamp" in America,
in his veiled defense of the Quran.

Like I said, Goshawks favorite news source,
Jim Stone,
is nothing more than an NSA flytrap for fools.  


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