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Next President of the United Fates of America
I hope that maybe Hillary "might" get a Federal Grand Jury to decide whether or not to bring charges in a PUBLIC trial.

THAT is how it is supposed to work.  A Grand Jury decides if a prosecutor has enough evidence to bring charges, and which charges to be applied for the arrest warrant to the defendant, who THEN gets a OPEN trial with their own attorneys for the plaintiff's defense in front of a Jury of 12 American People to FINALLY decide if one is guilty or not. 

If Guilty, you have an appeals process to go through, and still remain free (if you're RICH which Hillary is) on bail while the appeal goes through, unless you're a flight risk.  Which I think Hillary this case DOES apply.  She has enough funds and cash to leave USA and anywhere else and remain free FOREVER !!!

It is NOT the head of FBI authority to decide, SINGLY BY HIMSELF, whether she was guilty or not. PERIOD !!!

Glad the man is GONE from FBI, maybe we can eve re-open 911 ???

Bob... Ninja Alien2
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