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Next President of the United Fates of America

Been too busy to keep up with the Civil War here in America.
Sometimes it seems like it is all around me here,
in far left socialist Me Too Bowel Movement Bellingham  Rofl

{it has a university here full of student's blinded by their I-phones walking about like zombies} 

Of note lately,
in the few times I noticed the news catch my eye,

I see this surge of far Sheep  left female socialist soprano's ...
singing their way into elected office,
with sing along songs of free health care and open borders.

this daffy duckling
If you hadn’t heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ... 


Then there is the Anony  Ninja  Mouse that went to the New York Times with the Deep State garbage, 
and selectively trashed Trump's fitness to be president.

Quickly responding,  CNN's Don Cow Lemon,
"Stupidest Man in Televison"  Rofl
will misinform all his far left socialist fans and viewers that there is no Deep State.

Thank you Donald Trump for that gem of a tweet.


Aside from all that,
what caught my eye the most,
was the overt propaganda coming from the Trump team,
quite distinctly displayed by Nikki Haley in interviews,
on the subject of:
Assad's Naughty  impending invasion of idlib,
with the prelude of Russian jet fighter attacks in support with Iranian military on the ground.
The propaganda?
That would be the claims about possible Sarin or chlorine gas attacks,
by Assad helicopter forces.

I do firmly believe that Assad performed these attacks in the recent past,
and spanked hard by the Trump cruise missile attacks in response,
but the presentation of evidence for a new gas attack by Assad forces,
is just, 
at best.

Nonetheless, it sets the stage for shit to happen.

Fair warning to the Butcher Assad ...
and if he does it again,
this time,
take out his fucking presidential palace with 50 cruise missiles,
and be sure that Assad,
is there when the missiles hit. 

Death to the Vampire Ghoul Assad.
Then I saw a blip on the television ...  that Trump wanted to ... assassinate Assad Rofl


Don Cow Lemon 
the stupidest man in television Whip


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