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Next President of the United Fates of America

By the ways,
in that last image ...
Anderson Cooper and Fuckwit Avenatti are wearing the carved penis of David by Michelangelo,
on their shirt collars.  Reefer

This is Limbo Politics.
How low can CNN go?
CNN generates scumbags like Avenatti.
They transformed porn star Squirmy Daniels into the Flying Nun with fake tits.
Like she is paragon of Me Too Movement Virtue,
as she disrobes for some live porn star film rehearsals.
I have news for you,
Daniels isn't Dorothy in Kansas Nonono ... but Avenatti is definitely Fuckwit Toto.
Anderson Cooper is pure CNN sleaze,
pomping and pimping with Avenatti and Daniels in that CNN photo.

This is Limbo Politics. 
Anderson Cooper wears the carved penis of David by Michelangelo,
on his shirt collar like a bow tie,
every night,
on his CNN vomitorium of DNC villains broadcast-- AC 360.


So the Clown Prince of Saudi Arabia Pennywise 
had Khashoggi interrogated,
and tortured Whip
and then a bone saw doctor Damned
by the {no doubt} nick name of Gash,
dismembered Khashoggi's body?

How stupid was that assassination plan?
They might as well put Fuckwit Avenatti and Stormy Daniels in charge over there in Riyadh.

Fuckwit Islamic Ghouls just love to blood bath their enemies in an atrocity.
So what ...
we don't sell them 12.5 billion in military hardware?

check out the Clown Prince Bin Salman doing business

with Putin and Lavrov and Royal Sheiks in white sheets
[Image: 561ac009c46188e8598b4628.jpg]

with Chinese imperial dragon testicles Xi  Ping
[Image: AP16248292367153-705x290-1473696596.jpg]

with Trump pointing to 12.5 billion in American military hardware[Image: 7BB4C7FE-F921-4D0D-867F-53B7691931F0_cx0...3_r1_s.jpg]

Saudi's are Big Boys in global busines infrastructure.
They just aren't very good at assassination attempts .. yet.
They should have taken a clue from Putin,
use poison,
but no,
Islamic Ghouls can't resist an element of retributive blood bath against their enemies.


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