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Next President of the United Fates of America
The Saudi's are playing the Russian card --- indefinite denial --- and blame it on a "rogue" general.
Blood thirsty clown prince Bin Salman will be shaking hands with Trump, Putin,
and dragon testicles Xi Ping in China all within the next year.
The Saudi's are a distinct step up from the Iranians,
and you can bet that the AyaGhoulah in Iran and sickopsychofuck Assad,
have liquidated far more than the Saudi's.
Global Bloodbath.
Modern Times ... just like ancient times.
Do all evolving planetary societies have long historical periods of perpetual war?


I think that the - USA USA USA - should cash in on the 110 billion $ trade Dance2 deal,
with the Saudi's.
Slap Bin Salman upside the head Slap2 
and extract his cash out of it before he bloodbaths another journalist.


I have been too busy to keep up with the Civil War here in America ...
I guess it is now the Un-Civil War ... with Hillary and Maxine "Maxi-Pad" Waters   Hi

Quote:A conservative artist put spooky Maxine's head on a Hollywood billboard for the Halloween movie.
Conservative street artist Sabo,
hijacked a billboard to target congresswoman Maxine Maxi Pad Waters Whip
The advertisement promoting the new "Halloween" movie is on Pico Blvd. in West Hollywood.
Sabo swapped out an image,
of the movie's serial killer, 
Michael Myers, 
and replaced it with one of Waters.

The image shows Waters holding a butcher knife in her right hand, looking ready to attack.
The phrase, "#Uncivil Democrats" is also added.

[Image: MaxineWatersPic.png]

Crazy f-ing bitch.
Where is Bin Salman when you need him?
The Saudi's would have deep sixed old Maxi - Pad
under the garden daises at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh long ago.
After some royal sheik in a white sheet called in the Bone Saw Doctor  Rofl

Every good Maxine "Maxi Pad" Waters satire in Limbo Politics,
needs more dirt tossed on her grave of daisies in Riyadh.
Here she is,
Don Lemon's mom ... Maxine Black Pennywise Waters ... in her Un-Civil War against conservatives.

[Image: N9mJAc9.jpg]

Maxi Pad
Black Pennywise



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