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Next President of the United Fates of America

That cartoon image that Bob posted by Garrison is an all time great one.  

You have to love the little extras in it,
like the 4 jester heads as the stamps on the bomb envelope.
The steaming red forehead and smoking brains on Brennan.
The envelope labeled "Bomb Enclosed".

they had better pull all that Fuckwit's teeth and look for the old CIA implants.


Soros probably has a dozen or so of these Shemps, 
ready to be primed and programmed for the next psyop.

Those bombs wouldn't have exploded if they caught on fire apparently.

quote V yesterday:
Quote:For all we know this whole event is a George Soros financed psyop [Image: hmm2.gif] 

That's just as plausible as the lunatic toy maker,
they intend to find.

Sayoc makes toy bombs Lol
and mails them to Mad Maxi Pad Maxine,
and the CNN faking breaking news knuckleheads.

Sayoc is not the most brilliant booger in George Soros nose Nonono

Sayoc is a repeat convicted criminal, 
and lives in the creepy van completely covered in political toilet paper,
that the police probably pull over all the time,
but he manages to schlock together 15 toy bombs inside envelopes that scream: "Bomb Enclosed",
and address them all to the proper destinations.

Amazing how that tooth implant motivated Shemp to get the job done right before the election.

I did like the "CNN Sucks" sticker on his van window.   Hi 


In the meantime more caravans of viral and bacterial infested migrants are on their way.
Sayoc the cartoon Unibungler toy maker - a Soros Looney Tune Whip
diverts all attention from that temporarily.

All the CNN fake news monkey shiners like Van Jones, Don Lemon, and Anderson Stupor,
should personally take in a caravan migrant family into their homes.

Watch Don Lemon scream for a wall,
after his designated migrant family plugs his toilet with too much  Tp 

Don Cow Lemon is the stupidest man on television.


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