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Next President of the United Fates of America
First the Bad news... Arrow Avenatti, who is said to be exploring a run for president,

California bar clears lawyer Michael Avenatti of fraud allegations tied to his Tully’s business dealings
Originally published November 14, 2018 at 12:20 pm
[Image: 11142018_Michael-AVenatti_121350-780x515.jpg]Michael Avenatti has been cleared of fraudulent and unethical business dealings while he ran the Seattle-based Tully’s coffee chain, according to letters sent to him and the Bellevue lawyer who filed the complaint. (Seth Wenig / The Associated Press, file)

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[Image: round-mugLewisKamb-100x100.jpg] 
Lewis Kamb [/url]
Seattle Times staff reporter
The agency that regulates lawyer conduct in California has cleared celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti of claims of fraudulent and unethical business dealings while he ran the Seattle-based Tully’s coffee chain, according to letters sent to him and the Bellevue lawyer who formally filed the complaint.
“The State Bar has completed the investigation of the allegations of professional misconduct reported by David Nold,” according to
 the letter sent to Avenatti, who provided The Seattle Times with a copy. “We have determined that this matter does not warrant further action. Therefore, the matter is closed.”

Nold, a Bellevue lawyer who represents landlords and other creditors of the failed coffee chain, filed the complaint in April. He contended that while Avenatti ran Tully’s parent company, Global Baristas, Avenatti stole millions in state and federal tax withholdings from employee paychecks and fraudulently transferred $100,000 from the coffee business to hire lawyers for his law firm’s unrelated bankruptcy case.

Avenatti has denied the allegations and blasted Nold as dishonest. On Tuesday, Avenatti wrote in an email to The Times that the outcome of the bar’s investigation demonstrates that.

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“I have said all along David Nold is an unethical liar. I was just proven right,” Avenatti’s email said.
Nold, in a statement Wednesday, said the California bar recently notified him “that it does not currently believe it has clear and convincing evidence of violations of the state’s ethics rules,” but the agency also invited him to provide a written response within 90 days “to supplement the record and assist it further in the investigation.”
“Contrary to the malicious and personal attacks leveled against me for filing the Grievance, my motivation has always been solely to bring justice to the government and citizens of Washington State that were victimized by the undisputed and colossal failure of Global Baristas US, LLC,” Nold’s statement added.

A spokesman for the State Bar of California said in an email Wednesday that since the agency’s complaint process is confidential, “we are not able to confirm or deny whether there is or was an investigation into any particular attorney.”
Late last year and earlier this year, Global Baristas shuttered or vacated all of its Tully’s stores and has been the target of more than 50 state and federal legal complaints. Various landlords, vendors and other creditors have won default judgments for unpaid rents, goods or services against the coffee company for hundreds of thousands of dollars, court records show.
Amid the turmoil, Avenatti, who had been Tully’s principal owner for several years, separately rocketed to fame as the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels and a chief adversary of President Donald Trump.

Avenatti, who is said to be exploring a run for president, has distanced himself from the failed company, saying he no longer owns Global Baristas and isn’t responsible for any legal judgments and overdue taxes owed by it.
“None of this is my problem,” he said in an telephone interview last month. “You’ll have to contact the owners of Global Baristas. I sold the company for $28 million in cash a long time ago. I’m not responsible for any of this; it’s never been my responsibility.”

He has declined to disclose who owns the company, describing the new owners only as a “conglomerate.”
Last month, three landlords and a former Tully’s store manager who are collectively owed more than $200,000 in unpaid rent and other legal judgments jointly filed a petition in federal court in Seattle seeking to force the embattled coffee chain into bankruptcy.
“The bankruptcy will shed light on many of these issues because no longer will those who were running the company be able to hide either their identity or conduct,” Nold’s statement said.[/size]


The Rest Of The Story...  Arrow  Michael Avenatticalls for a fight in Iowa: 'When they go low, I say, we hit harder' .....

Lisa Storie now for the 2020 seen from the present black eyes of the past Mrs. Avenetti 

Avenatti, who is said to be exploring a run for president,
Quote:Avenatti is said to be currently in police custody.

The story is developing.

Report: Michael Avenatti Arrested in Domestic Violence Dispute

[Image: GettyImages-1052655422-640x480.jpg]MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

14 Nov 2018[url=]228


Television lawyer Michael Avenatti was arrested Wednesday following a domestic violence dispute, according to emerging reports. 
“Our law enforcement sources say Stormy Daniels’ attorney was arrested Wednesday after his estranged wife filed a felony DV report.  We’re told her face was “swollen and bruised.” Our sources say the alleged incident occurred Tuesday, but there was a confrontation Wednesday between the two at an exclusive apartment building in the Century City area of L.A.,” TMZ reports.

Lisa Storie, the woman involved in the alleged physical altercation, reportedly scrambled from the apartment where the incident occurred and was spotted on the sidewalk holding her hands over her eyes while shouting into her cellphone. “I can’t believe you did this to me,” she said, according to TMZ.

Avenatti reportedly replied, “She hit me first,” later adding, “This is bullshit, this is fucking bullshit.” The alleged melee occurred after the women attempted her pick up her belongings and called 911 after tempers ran hot. The woman was married Avenatti between 2011 and 2017, before Stormy Daniel’s attorney filed for divorce.
Avenatti is said to be currently in police custody.
The story is developing.


[Image: abused-his-wife-wont-abuse-your-trust-li...563466.png]

[Image: 4C6746EF00000578-5745819-image-m-13_1526670108270.jpg]
Published May 25

Porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti ‘hot-tempered,’ ‘loud,’ wife says in docs detailing messy divorce
By Lukas Mikelionis| Fox News

Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, was branded “emotionally abusive” and “angry and vindictive” by his wife in court documents after he allegedly verbally ambushed and threatened her in the wake of their messy divorce.
The hotshot attorney has attracted near-universal admiration from CNN and MSNBC for his representation of Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, in her legal battle against a non-disclosure agreement involving an alleged 2006 fling with President Trump.

But while the lawyer is being celebrated as a hero for standing up to the president, his wife’s sworn testimony from his divorce alleged a darker side.
[Image: 77e2d4e0-1.png?ve=1&tl=1]
Allegations laid out in court records by Lisa Storie-Avenatti.
“[Avenatti] is hot tempered and used to having his way – when he doesn’t he gets extremely loud and verbally aggressive,” Lisa Storie-Avenatti said in court records obtained by Fox News.
While she has since walked back the allegations, at the time she called him “emotionally abusive” and “harmful” to both her and their 3-year-old son – and requested the court to issue an exclusion order against him, barring him from entering their Newport Beach, Calif., residence, fearing his presence could cause harm.
“The purpose of these exclusion / exclusive use orders is intended to prevent acts of domestic violence and to provide for a separation of the persons involved for a period sufficient to enable them to seek a resolution of the cause of the violence,” court records noted.
Avenatti denied the abuse allegations Thursday, saying “there was never any abuse, alleged or otherwise,” noting that the court never gave credence to the allegations and pointing to the signed stipulation filed in court.
Following the email exchange with Avenatti, Storie-Avenatti also issued a statement backtracking on the allegations she made in court under oath, saying “there was never any abuse, alleged or otherwise, in our relationship.”
[Image: dgun2uqwsaa6wob.jpg?ve=1&tl=1]
Lisa Storie-Avenatti, soon-to-be ex-wife of Michael Avenatti. (Twitter)
The alleged behavior may be another setback for the ubiquitous attorney who suggested his fight against Trump is a victory for women who were silenced by powerful people like the president.
Avenatti has been on a media crusade for months now, pursuing Trump and, more recently, the president's personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Avenatti has appeared on broadcast and cable news nearly 150 times over the past 10 weeks, with 74 of the appearances on CNN, according a Media Research Center report last week.
But amid controversy over his tax issues and a ruling on Tuesday ordering a law firm managed by Avenatti to pay up $10 million to an attorney for failing to honor a settlement deal, he has found himself on defense lately.
Storie-Avenatti, who has been married to the lawyer since 2011, reportedly kicked him out of the house and changed the locks. In court records, she provided examples of Avenatti’s alleged troubling behavior.
[Image: 3.png?ve=1&tl=1]
Allegations laid out in court records by Lisa Storie-Avenatti.
In one instance, on Dec. 17, 2017, court records claim, Avenatti appeared outside their former marital residence and “angrily” demanded entry. He allegedly began shouting at his wife and threatened to stay at the house “every night of the coming week” against her consent.
Then, he allegedly started filming Storie-Avenatti with his cell phone and said that he brought his 15-year-old daughter from his previous marriage to act as a “witness.” The wife tried to escape Avenatti’s “incessant tirade” and verbal outbursts, asserting that he was frightening both of the children, according to court records.
Avenatti then allegedly called the police, asking for help to enter the property. Upon arrival, police officers refused his request. They later told Storie-Avenatti to “expect a nasty divorce.”
[Image: 473831c1-4.png?ve=1&tl=1]
Avenatti had a different recollection of the incident. He denied to Fox News that there was verbal abuse and said he never threatened to stay in the house against his wife's wishes, though he added that, “if I did, that was my right under California law.”
He said the police were actually supportive of him, but “stated they could not grant me access, but if I wanted to force access I could because I had every right to the home.”
“The statements you are relying on were made in connection with Lisa's failed attempt to get a spousal and child support order of $215,000 a month ordered by the court. That never happened and the Court never gave any credence to her allegations,” Avenatti said.
In another incident, on Dec. 19, Storie-Avenatti detailed a meeting with her husband regarding a Christmas visitation schedule for their child, in which he allegedly threatened her again, saying he would “burn” all their fortune in the divorce. He also allegedly said he would ensure both of them get arrested to ensure their child gets placed in protective custody.
[Image: 6cdec995-2.png?ve=1&tl=1]
Allegations laid out in court records by Lisa Storie-Avenatti.
Avenatti said the incident “never happened.”
“[Avenatti’s] appalling lack of judgment in bringing his teenage daughter to act as a witness and frightening her in the process, demonstrated that he is a selfish and not child-centered, not to mention the emotional upheaval that he [caused] to Lisa,” an attorney for Storie-Avenatti wrote.
His “follow-up with threats on December 19 that he would intentionally deprive the parties’ son of his mother and primary care giver and cause [their son] to be placed into protective custody further illustrate that [Avenatti] is angry and vindictive, and has no regard for any emotional harm caused to his son, his daughter, or to Lisa,” it added.
Yet, despite the alleged conduct, Storie-Avenatti claims to be having problems legally separating from him.
“I need to be divorced and if [Avenatti] continues to paint the narrative, he can ignore our case!” she told Fox News last week.
According to court records, Avenatti’s “persistent refusal to cooperate” and respond to his wife’s discovery requests -- asking information about his income, assets and liabilities -- is causing a delay in the proceedings.
[Image: 5-56396.png?ve=1&tl=1]
Allegations laid out in court records by Lisa Storie-Avenatti.
“This matter can neither settle nor proceed to hearing or trial without accurate and complete assessment of assets and obligations of the parties. Therefore, [Avenatti], by his willful refusal to provide sufficient and compliant responses … is causing needless delay in resolution of this matter,” Storie-Avenatti’s legal team said.
Avenatti declined most requests for information about his finances, claiming the requests were “vague,” “ambiguous,” “overbroad,” and “unduly burdensome and oppressive.” He also claimed some requests were “protected by the attorney-client privilege.” He denied stalling the divorce proceedings.
In an email to Fox News, Avenatti also addressed a number of other allegations laid out by Storie-Avenatti in court documents, despite not being asked about them.
“You are publishing this story as part of your attempt to discredit me and distract away from the serious legal issues surrounding Mr. Trump. You see me and my client as a serious threat to his presidency so you have decided to resort to personal attacks designed to malign us. It will not work,” he wrote in an email.
Avenatti recently publicized information about large corporate payments Cohen received in exchange for "insights" into the young Trump administration, as well as payments from a Russia-linked firm. The details have led to widespread scrutiny of those deals, and brought the lawyer into the national public spotlight.
Storie-Avenatti, meanwhile, was adamant in her email to Fox News that abuse did not take place: “To be clear, there was never any abuse, alleged or otherwise, in our relationship. I never feared for my safety or that of my son. Period. Michael has in the past been a loving and caring husband and is a loving and caring father. I never called the police because I was never threatened with harm. I never sought to have him excluded from our home because I felt threatened or feared for my safety or that of my son.
“Further, he has paid all child support and spousal support. He is a good man. It appears you are trying to harm him and our family by publishing a defamatory story that has no basis in reality.”

[Image: 4C67470200000578-5745819-image-a-8_1526669725770.jpg] 
Lisa Storie, the woman involved in the alleged physical altercation, reportedly scrambled from the apartment where the incident occurred and was spotted on the sidewalk holding her hands over her eyes while shouting into her cellphone. “I can’t believe you did this to me,” she said, according to TMZ.

[Image: in-moderate-shift-trump-to-say-fewer-naz...843011.jpg]
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