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Next President of the United Fates of America
Thanks EA,
for posting the good news on Avenatti.
That Fuckwit is doomed.
Stormy Daniels has threatened to get herself a new lawyer.
Avenatti, what a sleazy piece of shit.

Remember those grandstand images by CNN,
with Avenatti, Stormy Daniels and Anderson Cooper?
Those are the genitals of Michelangelo's David,
as the bow ties on Avenatti and Anderson Stupor.

C.orporate N.ewz N.azis  CNN

A wannabe whore, a whore, and a pimp
 [Image: UZx97UM.jpg]


Saudi Ghoul Clown Prince Salman pinned as the bloody butcher of Riyadh by the CIA

... as if it wasn't obvious from day 1,
ghouls like Bin Salman,
are compelled to bloodbath their victims ... it is the nature of the Islamic Ghoul

CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination
Quote:In reaching its conclusions, 
the CIA examined multiple sources of intelligence, 
including a phone call that the prince’s brother Khalid bin Salman, 
the Saudi ambassador to the United States, 
had with Khashoggi, 
according to the people familiar with the matter,
who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the intelligence. 

Khalid told Khashoggi, 
a contributing columnist to The Washington Post, 

that he should go to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul  Naughty

to retrieve the documents  Tp  

and gave him assurances Slap2  

that it would be safe to do so.  Doh

It is not clear if Khalid knew that Khashoggi would be killed, 
but he made the call at his brother’s direction, 
according to the people familiar with the call, 
which was intercepted by U.S. intelligence.

Fatimah Baeshen, a spokeswoman for the Saudi Embassy in Washington, 

said the ambassador and Khashoggi, 
never discussed “anything related to going to Turkey.” 
She added that the claims in the CIA’s “purported assessment are false. 
We have and continue to hear various theories without seeing the primary basis for these speculations.”

[Image: cUZSsR6.jpg]

Islamic Ghouls,
they love to bloodbath each other.
Unfortunately the Saudi's don't have the guts to take out Assad.
Or Iran.
They just completely botched the assassination,
and then Bin Salman thinks he can play out political killings like Putin on the international stage,
and pretend that nothing happened.
That only works for Putin,
and nobody else.

Speaking of Putin,
nobody knows what was discussed between Trump and Putin recently in Paris.
That had to be a heavy discussion of nuclear treaty problems.

Trump is under too much pressure.
I am amazed that he has lasted as long as he has.
You certainly have to give him big credit for his resilience.


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