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Next President of the United Fates of America

Do you see those protests in France?
The government there is trying to play it out as protests infiltrated by --- the Far Right.

They raise the taxes 23% on Diesel fuel in a one year period,
to accommodate the push for more "eco friendly energy use in vehicles",
and then when the public cannot afford or stand for perpetual tax increases,
they blame it on the Far Right.

check out the images at the link -- several to browse through
'Macron must resign': Furious protests at rising fuel prices across France

[Image: skynews-france-protests_4497754.jpg?bypa...1124120511]

All you see there in Paris ... is coming here soon,
but it won't be "far right" protestors,
it will be far left socialist nut cases ... like Ocasio-Cortez,
like the Bolshevik Bill Blasio NYC socialist Democrat clown infestation

Nancy Pelosi ... will she make it House Speaker?
How will the Democrats bring the Vampire Socialists under control?

Get ready, because those Far Left Democrat Socialists are on a perpetual Witch Hunt at this point.

Get ready,
to fight back the Vampire Horde of Socialist Psychopaths.

War is coming to the streets of the USA,
and western civilization in general.
In Europe, the true Europeans are sick and tired of endless incoming immigrants.

Macron, a socialist in essence,
now has a 21% approval rating.

Think about this nightmare scenario,
Far Left Socialism running the country Scream
Open borders allowing millions to cross into the USA.
Taxation out of control.

Western civilization particularly, and the rest of the technological world in general,
is dependent upon low energy prices.
What is happening in France will manifest itself in a different way in the US.

Make you no mistake,
the Far Left Vampire Horde  Naughty
wants to crucify,
and then suck the blood dry from anyone that is not a Far Left Vampire Socialist.

And now,
they want to take power away from Nancy Pelosi.

We get to see soon if the Vampire Horde,
of far left socialists,
take the Democratic party and if they do,
they will define a new political strategy -- passive - aggressive -- rape pillage and kill --
the Trump voter population.

Make you no mistake, they don't want us subdued,
they want us either incarcerated or dead, 
and they feel justified to do just that.

French minister blames Far Right


people pissed off at French far left Socialist policies and non stop taxation.

In America ...
It will be: 
The Far Left Socialist Vampire Horde,
promoted by TV media monsters like CNN,  
that ignites the Civil Wars on the streets of America.

They are, and will be witch hunting Conservatives, 
just like the vampires hunt humans ... in SyFy's Van Helsing.

If they attack you in your everyday efforts, be ready to fight back,
and send the vampires back to hell.
They have no reservations whatsoever,
to send you straight to hell.

Don Cow Lemon -- pure CNN racist trash, 
under fake news pretense,  ...  plays himself off to be a benevolent socialist - leftist,
but he really wants to kill,
all the conservative white men.
Make you no mistake.
They hate white conservatives and view us as an infection to be cleansed.

Far Left Socialist Vampire Horde ... 
when they are finished sucking your blood,
they will turn against each other,
and then,
Nancy Pelosi will be crucified Whip
and her blood sucked dry by the Far Left Parasites.
Watch what they do with Hillary,
when they decide she is not cooperating with them anymore.


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