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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:They'll have to reopen Manzanar.

Manzanar ... internment camps. Hmm2

What got me pissed off about the French demonstrations was how the Macron govt.,
was so quick to blame the violence on:
"right wing infiltrators"
only has a 21% approval rating.

Seems to me that a whole lot more than right wing French nationalists were out there burning shit.

I'm being epic-poetic and honestly concerned about the Vampire Horde of Far Left Socialists,
and the flames of Civil War brewing.

This is Limbo Politics Whip

If people that read here may think that I am lewd and uncivil,
try and listen in on a group of hateful  Pissed  democrats,
when they are on an anti-conservative, 
anti-Trump tirade.

They truly sound like ... blood thirsty vampires on TV .... that need to feed.
They absolutely want Trump's bloodied neck and head,
in the basket at the base of the guillotine,
and they want to  Arrow  punish all the people Whip who voted for him ... 

It will open your eyes fast,
as to how bad the problem is here in America,
listening in on hateful democrats.

You don't hear conservatives privately talk with that much intolerance.

First it was Joy Blowhar ... that would be Joy Behar on Me Too Movement TV, {CBS}
with Whippy Whoopi Goldterd,
that began the racist content: -- it's the fault ... of Old White Men.

Don Cow Lemon simply clarified that to just ... White Men.

I am Old
I am White
I am Man

That's called a -- strike-out -- in Far Left Vamp Tongue.

I painted my old house next door -- all White -- this summer.
I call it The White  Hi House.

There is a mailbox outside by the white fence,
with a white skull and crossbones painted on it,
and with a name tag,
that says:
Whitey Reefer Lives Here 



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