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Next President of the United Fates of America

Yes ... George Papa Doc Bush finally passed away,
and I suppose I should address this since I maligned ol' Papa Doc endlessly.

I was thoroughly nauseated by the FOX and CNN news coverage of his death.

Endless reruns of Bush Sr. in TV garbage time with the first Iraq war.

Endless reruns of Bush Sr. with his halfwit offspring,
Monkey Brains George Jr.,
and Jeb "El Stupidissimo" Bush

so I looked back for some vintage images from this thread Whip

George Sr. had two retards for sons:

[Image: kUGj7r9.jpg%20jeb%20and%20goofy]

George Sr. and George Jr. in  .... An International Nightmare with Putin

[Image: GYEy3vL.jpg]

I don't miss Papa Doc.
Man he looked bad at 94.
I sure hope I don't look that bad at 94.
He looked like a 94 year old Inflate-A-Clown in painted vinyl, rolling up in his wheelchair.

George Jr. made it to the White House,
but Jeb  couldn't even get to second base.

[Image: cci9psE.jpg]

Fuckin' Shine Box ... Jeb.

George Bush Sr. ... Judgement Day.
What do you think?
Going to heaven or hell?
Will he elbow grease his wheel chair through the Pearly Gates?
Or will he join Saddam in Hell ?

They kept this fossil alive way too long. Looks like a 94 year old vampire.

[Image: 1280_george_barbara_bush_GettyImages-633...h=c673cd1c]

Nauseating endless FOX and CNN coverage ... turn off the TV. 

George Jr and George Sr  ... out fishing with Putin!
A halfwit, a vampire, , and a stud.
[Image: 56013e059dd7cc25008bc0e4-1005-754.jpg]


[Image: mosb148.jpg?w=620]

yea yea yea yea yea yea ... nononononononono Nonono

RIP  ... Glad to see him go, sorry if I seem insensitive.

So to be fair,
here is Putin's letter to Bush Jr. on the death of Bush Sr.

Quote:"Please, accept my deepest condolences on the death of your father, 
George Herbert Walker Bush, 
former president of the United States. 
An outstanding man, 
who has faithfully served his country all his life - 
with a weapon in his hands during the war, 
and in senior government positions during peaceful times - is no longer with us," 
the Russian leader said.

Putin didn't have a lot to say.
Bush Sr. was the second most awful piece of shit that ever ran this country.
Bush Jr. took first place in that department.


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