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Next President of the United Fates of America

Nov 23
Iran says U.S. bases and aircraft carriers within missile range
Quote:Hajizadeh said the Guards had improved the precision of their missiles, 
and specifically said they could hit the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, 
Al Dhafra base in the United Arab Emirates 
and Kandahar base  Naughty
in Afghanistan that host U.S. forces.

On the sidelines of the War on Trump,
Pompeo is calling for action against Iran.
Pompeo calls for international coalition against Iran, as Europe ramps up pressure
Quote:Tehran tested a medium-range ballistic missile earlier this month — 
a move that Pompeo has said is in violation of Security Council Resolution 2231, 
the document that enshrined the 2015 Iran deal, 
called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), 
negotiated under the Obama administration.

Pompeo’s case was hardened by a report by the secretary general, 
on which the council was briefed Wednesday, 
that found that anti-tank missile launchers found in Yemen were manufactured by Iran in 2016 and 2017.

lots more at the above link.

Europe opens door to sanctions on Iran after terror plots in Denmark, Paris

I tossed these above 3 links in here,
as a prelude to the Reuters investigation into Iranian leader Khameini's wealth,
acquired through a corporate criminal conglomerate called -- Setad Whip 

It is a 3 part - 3 link story, 
absolutely fascinating and eye opening as what is really going on in Iran.
If they don't like you,
they just confiscate your property.

War with these Iranian Ghouls is coming.
No question.
Read about how the Iranian power infrastructure financed itself.
An excellent expose, highly detailed and in depth.

part 1
Khamenei controls massive financial empire built on property seizures
Quote:Setad has become one of the most powerful organizations in Iran, 
though many Iranians, and the wider world, know very little about it. 

In the past six years, 
it has morphed into a business juggernaut that now holds stakes in nearly every sector of Iranian industry, 
including finance, oil, telecommunications, 
the production of birth-control pills and even ostrich farming.

The organization's total worth is difficult to pinpoint because of the secrecy of its accounts. 
But Setad's holdings of real estate, 
corporate stakes and other assets total about $95 billion, 
Reuters has calculated. 
That estimate is based on an analysis of statements by Setad officials, 
data from the Tehran Stock Exchange and company websites, 
and information from the U.S. Treasury Department.

Just one person controls that economic empire – Khamenei.

Part 2
Khamenei’s conglomerate thrived as sanctions squeezed Iran

Part 3
To expand Khamenei’s grip on the economy, 
Iran stretched its laws

[Image: AP080923010567.jpg]



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