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Next President of the United Fates of America

How many is it now?
200 Democrats about to run for president?
A parade of looney tunes,
with Far Left Socialism taking over the party.
Princess Ocasio-Maduro-Cortez 
could care less about Biden or Clinton.
She plans on running a hell bound train of fools right over them,
and the rest of the Democrats.

Toxic Socialism and Toxic Feminism are the new national psychosis.

CNN slobbers news time all over Ocasio-Maduro-Cortez,
for her Venezuelan style black hole politics.
while at the same time,
Toxic Nonono Masculinity Whip

Me Too Movement Madness is choking the nation to death.
Toxic Socialism will be the new ... Political Chokehold.

[Image: 99WRQpe.jpg]

Lots of women also fighting back on this crazy tirade against Men.
"Toxic Masculinity" 
is a figment of far left liberal psychotic paranoid imagination. 
TV fake news is now a schizo-maniacal vehicle for behavior control, 
led by sickosuckosociopathofuck CNN looney tune liberalism gone wild.

But the public backlash is picking up steam to fight back the political insanity, 
and the Orwellian behavior control tactics,
of Me Too Movement out of control,
Radical Toxic Yak Feminists Whip

National brainwash education now teaches boys how to be Socialist Pussies.


Toxic FU  Feminism
3 Men in Wuhan Crawl in Leashes to Promote Women’s Equality

[Image: kang-yi-wuhan-performance-art-for-womens...58x505.jpg]

The organizer claims this performance art is to show opposition against a male society, 
and call for equality between men and women.

How to be a pussy and go to college.
[Image: Man-leash-collar-dog-halter-Stockfresh.jpg]


Toxic Feminism is Spreading
What is toxic feminism? What does it sound like? What does it look like?
It is a tool some feminists have begun to use as a way to beat down others 
because what they are wearing, saying, doing, 
or sometimes even thinking,
is offensive to them and marginalizes women in these particular feminists eyes.
Matt Taylor, 
an astrophysicist that works for the European Space Agency, 
was once doing a televised talk ---> read the rest at the link

[Image: 1*BwoQ72T9mUWdCtY3BtMI5g.jpeg]

The propaganda of toxic feminism part 32

great stuff here!
Logical Woman DESTROYS Feminism & #MeToo!??
go to 33 seconds in for a good laugh -- the whole video is worth watching
Barbara Kay: A few 'toxic' anti-male women are derailing the validity of #MeToo

Quote:According to a survey in the latest Economist magazine, 
the effect of the #MeToo movement 
has been to elevate Americans’ skepticism over sympathy for victims. 

Among other findings, 
the survey notes that between November 2017 and September 2018,
while the perception that false allegations of sexual assault 
are a greater problem than unreported or unpunished sexual assault remains a minority, 
it nevertheless rose among both men and women in all categories surveyed — 
even among Hillary Clinton supporters. 
The poll, conducted by YouGov, 
found that “18 per cent of Americans now think that false accusations of sexual assault,
are a bigger problem than attacks that go unreported or unpunished,
 compared with 13 per cent in November last year,” 
the Economist reports.

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

They want to cut men's dicks off.
Especially old white men.
Feminists want to have sex with male sissies and other women.
Toxic feminists only have sex with other toxic feminists,
male or female.
Lots of lonely men out there will fuck anything that moves.
They aren't masculine,
they are morons.

Be masculine and maintain integrity as a common sense man.


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