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Next President of the United Fates of America

Washington State governor is running for president now,
on the "climate change" platform.

Governor Jay  Pennywise  Inslee

All you liberals that might read here ... what exactly are you?

Are you Socialist sheepskins, like ... A  Sheep  O  Sheep  C ?

Are you Joe Bricks Biden Whip  supporters ?

Or do you feel the Bern-ie  Shemp  Sanders ?

Kamala Butt Harris  Tp   ... 

Cory Cow Booker ... Don Cow Lemon 



Do you still believe Jussie Crying Smollet ?

You all just lovey-dovey over ...
Louis Farrakhans Ho-Bag on another...  anti-Israeli ... rant du jour?   
                  Ilhan Damned Omar 

A pyramid of bullshit candidates and garbage time political trash. 
And the polling ...? 

Bernie and Joe are the fossils at the top of the food chain right now.

AOC is a communist in socialist disguise. A femme fascista.
yea ...
Nickname  her ... Bonita Mussolini Whip 


She's the whole tuna boat of S.ocialist  S.tinko   Hi

The Democratic Presidential Candidates .... it is a ... Train of Fools.


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