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Next President of the United Fates of America

This clown thinks he is the Jesus Christ of Climate Change.
I see no other candidate more fake than this guy.
He thinks that Iowa voters are going to listen to his crap as he stands on bar tables, 
flailing his arms about while pointing his fingers at the sky with empty promises.
They all see through his Monkey See -- Monkey Poo.
At least with AOC,
she lets you know up front that she is socialist-fascist in a Democrat disguise,
while Bozo Beto, 
fakes up a pantomime of political pontification in Iowa, 
and the Iowa voters were clearly not impressed.

So I captured this great image off of FOX news tonite with my camera.
Laura Ingraham exposing the CNN - MSNBC media whores anointing of Bozo Beto,
as the:
Obama style presidential candidate Rofl

Yes he can?
No he can't.
This retard isn't going very far, and is likely to go down in flames,
because he has absolutely no substance to back up his inflated talking points.
Even Don Cow Lemon  Whip
of CNN had to mention that Beto O'Dourke Whip
was quite lacking  Tp
in his less than mediocre effort to offer Iowa voters --- real substance Nibble

Just a whole lot of theatrics.
He wants to be an actress just like AOC, 
singing in the rain across America in his presidential fantasy.

[Image: 3bZtGpu.jpg]

Beto O'Dourke for president Nonono

The Jesus Christ of climate change and his political rants ... bored Iowa voters to sleep.

I think that Avenatti and Stormy Daniels might do a better job than Bozo  Pennywise  Beto.


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