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Next President of the United Fates of America


news video at link:
The United States attorney for the Southern District of New York 
charges attorney Michael Pimp Avenatti 
with attempting to extract more than $20 million in payments from Nike. Lol
Nike’s stock dips after Avenatti tweets of ‘scandal,’ 
recovers after celebrity lawyer is arrested

Shares of Nike fell more than 1 percent on Monday 
following a tweet Whistle
from California-based lawyer Michael Pimp Avenatti Whip
alleging Nike’s involvement 
in a “major high school/college basketball scandal.”  Rofl
the tweet:

Quote:Tmrw at 11 am ET, 
we will be holding a press conference 
to disclose a major high school/college basketball scandal 
perpetrated by Nike Whip
that we have uncovered. 
This criminal conduct reaches the highest levels of Nike 
and involves some of the biggest names in college basketball.
9:16 AM - Mar 25, 2019

Bye Bye big nasty Avenatti ... and a quick reminder ... of the CNN Legion of Stupid:

CNN's Anderson Pennywise Stupor 
getting his daily boner hanging out with Avenatti,
and his client porn star whore Squirmy Stormy Daniels 

[Image: UZx97UM.jpg]

Anderson Cooper and CNN ... look at their favorite people to hang out with ... pathetic.

That is the penis from Michelangelo's David used as Cooper's and Avenatti's ties.


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