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Next President of the United Fates of America

Watching the Demento-cratic debates last night was amusing.

The most clearly successful candidate was Amy Klobuchar IMO.
It was amusing seeing her laugh at Inslee as he postured his bullshit record on the stage.
Gabbard did well at times, 
but Warren was a wilting flower that the moderators fed water,
to keep her stature untainted by questions or conflict.
Booker had post debate followers but did nothing to impress me, 
just more big eyes Booker T. Crapola trying to stay afloat in the race.

It should be a very interesting melee tonight.
Will Biden sink his own ship?
It is very likely, but with sleepy slow motion Joe,
sometimes he wakes up out of nowhere, and he had better do that tonight.

Sanders? well ... how does he distinguish himself tonight?
By going after Biden no doubt.
Buddigeig? Just pack up and pack out Bilbo, 
you are right behind Beto on the teflon slide to forgotten wannabe president's.

Julian Castro and Snakeskin De Blasio ended Beto O'Dork's presidential run.
Bozo Beto is toast.
The "Psychedelic Warlord" -- Beto O'Dork -- ate too much bad acid in college,
and he is now:
The Psychedelic Borelord
It's over Bozo.

Image direct from NBC news coverage last night off the TV with my debate cam Rofl

[Image: jtvbofB.jpg]

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