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Next President of the United Fates of America

Demento-cratic Debate  -- Tthursday Night 

pre debate warm up

What a farce this debate is.

Tulsi Gabbard and Marianne Williamson are not in the debate,
the halfwit goose egg Beto O'Dork is ?

Come on man, that is bullshit.
Especially with Tulsi Gabbard not in the debate.
Deep State does not want Tulsi in there.
She might disembowel Elizabeth Warren like she did to Kamala Harris.
Harris never recovered from that death blow in the last debate.

where the fuck is Bernie Sanders?
not on CNN ... Nonono
suddenly forgotten ... lame old white guy waving his arms in the air like Beto.

This is Bernie's night to prve some shit, not necessarily just Biden's. 
Bernie has more to prove against Elizabeth Warren than Biden does.
You see,
if Biden makes it down the stretch which is unlikely but still possible,
Warren would be a VP pick over Bernie any day.

Bernie on the fade fade fade awayyyyyyy   ?

This Demento-cratic Debate -- is the -- Fake Bullshit Debate  Tp

They are all so out of bullshit,
such that all they left to do is just make up fake bullshit,
and keep repeating it.

Let's remember these two worthless pieces of shit here on 9 / 11,
... before the debate ....

[Image: V8brefH.jpg]

Let's remember CNN and their love affair with Avenatti Whip

[Image: Mf3nXvH.jpg]

The Demento-cratic Clown Show 

[Image: dgcX0bF.jpg]

Two more lovelies in the ranks of the CNN TV Demento-crats

[Image: aXzhNlo.jpg]

Don't give this monkey a semi automatic weapon

[Image: RpTPM2g.jpg]

This human garbage represents all the worthless fuck-o's,
that the young stupid and vicious Justice Demento-crat Socialists, 
spawn into society.

[Image: F9BtLbT.jpg]

Will Joe Biden defeat Joe Biden in the Demento-cratic debate?

[Image: bW6iLg2.jpg]

Will Bernie and Pocahontas finally debate eachother?

Wang? Wang who? Wang Fu.

See you after the show.


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