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Next President of the United Fates of America
Hilarious definition is - marked by or causing hilarity : extremely funny. How to use hilarious in a sentence. 

How to use    Hilarious   <<< >>>   HillaryU.S.   In a Sentence.

[Image: 4d9e4b3b1d82439b03d1244e7da585ec.jpg]

Penny-Wise 20/20 eyes  Pennywise Penny-More in 20/24


After Triumphant Trump win in 20/20 you will also be reminded that there is plenty "Penny-More" in 20/24 clowns.

In 2024 when trump leaves the white house a precedent is being set by the globalist/deep state.

Using autistic kids. My Son is an autist not a weapon-eye'd greta-thunberg Con-autist
[Image: c2d772a7c0bb5036b958a291ac8693df?width=650]
 So the current President will have future precedent.

You don't need  to worry  Don Trump JR. Ivanka/Hunter Biden/Gavin News Sum   as emerging from the MAGA renaissance to usher in 2025.

Because That will be the 'changing of the gaurd' when: 

[Image: fe9928c844cc544402f02d958247dee8w-c0xd-w...60_q80.jpg][/url]

white house Inside Info and Infowars outside their purview 

[Image: Rex-Jones.jpg]

Dominates the next phase of the Rise of the U.S. Republic...2024

K.A.G. will be an evolution in revolution...This ain't no tea-party so wake up in 2025 and smell the coffee. 
[url=][Image: Coffeecategory.jpg]

Barron and Rex to compare in context to the Now.

A Chip(s) off...

[Image: RexJones.jpg]

...The Old Ashlar.

[Image: 170612120829-02-melania-barron-trump-exlarge-169.jpg]

Trump knows a thing or three about Chips.
[Image: 19543.jpg]

And Alex Jones is the Definition of A Chip on His Shoulder wich he bears as his U.N.-doubled-cross.

[Image: I0038604A_med.jpg]

Don't gamble with Improv.

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