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Next President of the United Fates of America

yea ... too busy to follow up on the political  Horsepoop

I do get tired of Trump shooting himself in the foot with stupid tweets. 
That is disappointing.
Tweeting about Yovanovitch while she is testifying at the impeachment hearings was stupid.

Yes, the entire charade of the impeachment vomit is completely ridiculous and pitiful.
The impeachment circus of Democratic dickheads like Swalwell and Schiff,
is beyond disgrace and epitomizes -- Limbo Politics,
how low can you go?

The impeachment pantomime wretched itself on to the American public,
choking out the Dementocratic debate stage on national TV,
as the public responded,
by --- not watching the debate.

I didn't even know <---- that the debate was happening,
until it was over!
Probably because it was on MSNBC -- a whore house of retarded progressive liberals.
They are even worse than CNN.

So national political fatigue syndrome besets the American public into ... dragmosis.
The Dementocratic party has shot itself in the head with the impeachment dragmosis.

So to sum up the entire last few weeks,
this news article takes the cake.

MSNBC Dementocratic debate ratings cut in half Rofl since September debate

The November Democratic presidential debate,
had the smallest audience of the election cycle, 
which was half the size of the most-watched debate.

6.5 million people tuned in for Wednesday night's debate on MSNBC, 
according to early Nielsen Media Research. 
The key 25-54 age demographic comprised 1.6 million of those viewers. 
Comparatively, October's Democratic debate, 
which also was one night but had twelve candidates, 
reached an audience of slightly more than 8.1 million viewers.

Thursday's debate, 
which took place the same day Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland,
testified publicly in the House impeachment investigation, 
had approximately half the audience of September's debate. 
That debate, 
which was aired on ABC News, 
had 12.9 million viewers with 3.5 million in the key demo. 

The debate on Thursday featured ten candidates,
and was moderated by Andrea Mitchell, Ashley Parker, Rachel Maddow, and Kristen Welker. 
The next debate is scheduled to take place on Dec. 19 
at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. 
It is being put on by PBS NewsHour and Politico.

To date, six candidates have qualified for the next debate. 

They are: 
former Vice President Joe  Pennywise Biden, 

South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete  Sheep   Buttigieg, 

California Sen. Kamala  Tp   Harris, 

Minnesota Sen. Amy Wall  Klobuchar, 

Vermont Sen. Bernie Bricks Sanders, 

and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Scream Warren.

A hell bound train of fools.

Adam Schiff
The Train of Fools

[Image: gettyimages-1187438958.jpg?itok=JuaItioI]
[Image: colinepisode203_trainoffools.jpg?w=690]

Fucking Captain Maniac -- Adam Schiff -- and the Dementocratic Train of Fools


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