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Next President of the United Fates of America

Welcome to Limbo Politics.

How low can Adam Schiff go?
How low can Jerry Nadler's Creep Show go?

Today in Nadler's Judiciary Comittee impeachement hearing,
we saw a new low in Limbo Politics.

Stanford professor Pamela Snakeskin Snarky Karlan,
well documented as a deranged Trump hater,
attacked the president's son, Baron.
Harvard professor Noah Feldman Avenatti Rofl
aka Dr. Strangelove Whip
another Trump hater on steroids, was equally disgusting.

[Image: ZAS3fym.jpg]

Feldman is a 21st century dick head progressive liberal loud mouth,
that wants to be,
a modern day Dr. Strangelove with a law degree ...
and another butt-chair pundit on CNN.
Images are right from todays impeachment hearing.

[Image: O0LVXN0.jpg]

Limbo Politics.
Let's take it down to the Adam Schiff level of ... how low can you go ...

[Image: L5d7cbg.jpg]

Limbo low lifes = Noah Feldman and Pamela Karlan -- working the garbage on TV for Jerry Creep Show Nadler 



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