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Next President of the United Fates of America

To be clear:
when I talk about bombing the Ayatollah and taking out Iran,
I don't include troops on the ground in that scenario.
You bomb their military / industrial / corporate infrastructure into debris.
Their entire navy and air force and missile systems and nuke research facilites are toasted.
Ground troops will not be used in the war in Iran.

What we really need:
is for Iraq <---
to actually legislate into law that the US leave Iraq.
They need to be serious about asking us to leave.

What we really need:
is for Trump Smoke 
to just do that,
get the fuck out out of Iraq NOW!
All US forces can be restationed in other nearby bases to facilitate any necessary actions against Iran.

We need to get out of Iraq in particular. Syria is pretty much Russian now.
If Trump stays there too much longer,
he will regret it and wish he had pulled those troops.

Soleimani is responsible for the Iranian people killed on the Ukrainian airliner. 

Video appears to show missile hitting Ukrainian plane in Iran

I was going to come here a few days ago,
and simply predict that the Iranians shot down the Ukrainian jet.
Seemed obvious to me.
But then I wondered if that is just my general mindset against Iran to assume that.
So I waited to see what would develop.

This is the biggest development,
the Iranians  Pennywise   scrubbed the site <--- of all debris
they supposedly have given the Ukrainians the black box <---

Iranians vehemently deny the missile launch.
You can see the fucking jet explode in the sky in a ball of flames in the video.
Will it be the old "bomb on board" excuse?
Much more likely,
Iranian morons manning the missiles got trigger happy,
or forgot to turn off the auto launch switch.
I think that 80 Iranians were on board,
and are dead now.
Soleimani's legacy continues to kill his own people.

This CBS Live Update link <---
is pretty goood actually.
Quote:CBS News visited the crash site on Friday,
and found that it had already been scrubbed of virtually all debris.

"Reason" for crash to be announced tomorrow, Iran's news agency says
Iran's semi-official state media, Fars News Agency,
said Friday that the cause of the crash of a Ukrainian airliner outside Tehran on Wednesday,
will be released three days later, on Saturday.
Earlier on Friday,
an Iranian official said it could take "one or two years" to complete the investigation, Reuters reports.

"The reason for the collapse of the Ukrainian passenger plane will be announced tomorrow 
after a meeting of the Air Accidents Commission, 
attended by both domestic and foreign parties involved in the incident," 
reads a translated tweet from Fars.

Iranian officials leading the investigation into the crash,
have said they would allow representatives from the U.S., Canada, and France,
to join the crash assessment at a lab in Tehran.
Ukrainian officials said they have been given access to the flight's black box. 

Ukraine gains access to black box
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said at a press conference on Friday in Kiev,
that Iran has fully cooperated with their investigation,
and given them access to the plane's black box, the Agence France-Presse reports.

The plane crashed early Wednesday morning near Tehran's airport,
less than a week after the United States killed Iran's top general Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.

Prystaiko also said that Ukrainian experts
have been given access to the plane's fragments  and the crash site.
The debris from the crash had all but disappeared by Friday morning,
when CBS News visited the site.

"We're analyzing the pieces of the body of the plane…
We are analyzing the chemical residues on the body of the plane," Prystaiko said.
"We will come to our conclusions.
We don't want to come to them right now."

"We have so many different versions of what could happen to the plane
that we will need some time to really understand and tell," he said.
"We have not even started to reconstruct the black box information yet.
This is the most vital piece of information."

Sec. Pompeo says missile was likely Iranian
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a press conference on Friday
that it is likely the Iranians are behind the plane that crashed early Wednesday morning
soon after takeoff from Tehran's airport, killing all 176 people on board.

"We do believe that it is likely that the plane was shot down by an Iranian missile," Pompeo said.
"We are going to let the investigation play out before we make a final determination.
It's important that we get to the bottom of it."

When asked what consequences Iran would face if it is determined they are behind the attack,
Pompeo said he is in communication with his Canadian counterpart and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

"They're working to get their resources on the ground to conduct that thorough investigation" he said.
"... And when we get the results of that investigation,
I am confident that we and the world will take appropriate actions in response."


Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin added that the Treasury will issue sanction waivers Hi
to anyone helping to facilitate the crash investigation.

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