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Next President of the United Fates of America

Been fried in coronavirus mindfunk watching the Plandemic unfold on the media.
Facebook is the worst for that.
Infested with the worst snowflake liberals that want to maintain indefinite lock downs,
and promote mandatory CV19 vaccines,
while they worship Fauci and the WHO,
all in the name of ... Hate Trump syndrome.

That crazy bitch governor of Michigan.
The coronavirus poster girl for Xi JinPing's  WHO and the Deep State.

[Image: article-5958-1.jpg]

Hard to get motivated America? ... right where they want us ... worn out into compliance.
Bend over and take the vaccine in the ass.

Better watch this before it gets pulled again like it did on youtube, pretty good really,
she exposes 
Dr Deep State - Little Xi Jinping - Fauci 

Famous virologist who was on the original AIDS work with Fauci
Expert Virologist Speaks Out

General Flynn was exonerated today, it's about time.
Some evil FBI motherfuckers are going to go to jail.

[Image: 5-4-20-toon-gen-flynn-innocent_orig.png]

Send the swat team to arrest John Sicko-Psycho-Fuck Brennan.

[Image: jbrennan_856x642.jpg]

Check out Jake Crapper on CNN lately,
He is totally fried, and has looked so awfully bad on CNN fake news puke. 
He was looking like an old sad lame dog golden retriever,
who lost his last dog bone.

This is what is wrong with America, these two toxic television pukes,
Geezy and Sleazy,
telling lies to each other.

Jake:                                                                                    Dr. Deep State:
"Shouldn't we arrest and incarcerate doctors,                             "Not to worry Jake,
that prescribe hydroxychloroquine - azithromycin?"                     we have plenty of remdesivir suppositories,
                                                                                             for all CNN employees.


Joe Biden is leading in the polls  Rofl
but he still forgot to zip up his fly Whip

Man, is he losing his mental grip 75% of the time or what?
The guy is a half a wheelchair roll away from the funny farm.

Back soon to sum up current events.
I will leave you with this great image.
the Deep State
Der Vaccine Fuhrer --- with Fauci and Soros

[Image: Kre6ZKm.jpg]


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