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Next President of the United Fates of America

Strolling back down the CNN highway of shame and stupidity.

Still waiting for Durham to indict the Deep State trash.

[Image: vDYpykN.jpg]

Look who is back in the news ... the latest CNN candidate for media whore of the year.

Greta "little Stormy" Thunberg Whip

[Image: 8ac82c5382bb2f3325fc62bd97e4a16a.png]

the Clown News Network,
Avenatti sucked Don Lemon's knob under the table,
Brian Stelter promoted Avenatti for president like a damn fool.

[Image: Mf3nXvH.jpg]

Anderson Cooper slobbered and drooled all over Stormy Daniels,
while posing with the sleazy whore for photo opportunities in down town NYC,
with Michael Avenatti.

[Image: 2KVTqJa.jpg]

now wants to have Greta Thunberg address the coronavirus pandemic,
on another CNN staged panel of fascist media pigs and whores.

Greta "little Stormy" Thunberg ---  is now a CNN Coronavirus Whore Whip

Maybe Anderson Cooper can give Greta a few clues that he learned from Stormy Daniels.
Now there's a hot ticket!
Greta could go on tour with Stormy Daniels,
and make funny porno movies about enforcing social distancing.
Everybody wears a mask,
at Greta and Stormy's CNN coronavirus porno party.

[Image: WUNcP1h.jpg]



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