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Next President of the United Fates of America

Defunding police is a ridiculous and really bad idea. 
Political groups excusing the looting and burning of cities, 
are using the current social chaos to attain instant power over your life, 
and will do anything to get that power 
to crush your existence if you resist the liberal youth rage mob political nonsense and excess,
 be you any race, religion or political affiliation. 
Look what they did to the mayor of Minneapolis when he refused to defund the police. 

-- Minneapolis is hell bound train with a conductor wearing a blind fold instead of a mask. 
-- Watch L.A. slip into the slow death of woke mob political insanity, 
and burn to the ground in violent crime and criminal gang street wars in the coming years.

And Don Cow Lemon at CNN ... fucking delusional coward ... "looting is not violence"

Tell that to David Dorn and his family ...

[Image: gbjkVyX.jpg]

[Image: oVP0HdB.jpg]

Family of St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn speaks about his 'senseless' killing
It is only three minutes long.
from TV News in St Louis a few days ago.
Some of the content may bring you to tears.


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