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Next President of the United Fates of America

Well there it is, --->  just like I predicted it would be -- here at HM,

Kamala Harris chosen as the Demento-cratic vice presidential candidate by Joe Hidin' in the Basement Biden.

Kamala ---> Slap2  <--- Sleepy Joe

Kamala Harris was the Deep State pick from Day One
to be either president, 
or vice president.

So I went back to earlier posts on this thread during the Demento-cratic debates,
and grabbed some quotes and images,
to commemorate,
Biden's obvious choice of Kamala Harris.

quote Vianova
Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Quote:Joe Biden with a 20 point lead over Sanders Whip

Beto "flash in the frying pan" O'Rourke  is lagging and slipping away.

Buttigieg takes votes away from Bernie,
and Bernie just crashed and burned under the Biden entry.
None of that matters.

It has been consistent that a woman VP would be chosen,
for whoever wins the Democratic nomination.
That is the key.
Biden or Sanders might die of stress or old age in office,
and then the VP is president.

The Democratic female candidates are all now running for Vice President.

Klobluchar, Warren, and Gillibrand ... they are too white.

It will be Kamala Harris. <-----

[Image: bidenjoe_harriskamala_121318.png]

Quote Vianova:
june 29 2019
Quote:I got two images off of NBNC telecast.
One with sleazy weasel Swalwell calling on Sleepy Joe to "pass the torch",
One with Kamala Harris cutting Joe Biden's balls off.

Biden was essentially trashed by the NYT today,
with the newspaper suggesting a Harris - Buttigieg ticket.
Don't be surprised if Biden and Harris suddenly kiss and make up in the coming months however.

Wilting flower Warren can't compete with Harris on the Trump debate stage.

Kamala Harris has bigger balls than Biden, Buttigieg and Bernie all put together.

[Image: 98r6Sf3.jpg]

[Image: YgfdXtI.jpg]

Quote Vianova

Sept 14 2019

Quote:The big moment of the debate.
Julian "Latino 666" Castro shows his true colors as a back stabber.

[Image: udWbWKN.jpg]

[Image: QTX85lP.jpg]

[Image: fGTllAp.jpg]

[Image: Ay1Mnf1.jpg]



August 2019

[Image: BRXLZIC.jpg]

september 2019

[Image: V6Ymrrc.jpg]

Quote Vianova :
Friday, March 20th, 2020, 06:48 am

Quote:Joe Biden wants a female vice president.

Here are your choices.

Amy Klobuchar --- Biden isn't smart enough to choose the best the dementocarts have.

Elizabeth Warren --- the walking talking bloody rag would be a big mistake

Kamala Harris --- the original Deep State pick


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