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Next President of the United Fates of America

Welcome to  Dance2 Limbo Politics  Dance2

Well better late than never responding to the Vice Presidential Debate,
between Mike Intense Pence,
Kamala Covid 19 Apocalypse Alpha  Scream   Bitch Harris Whip

Not much to say ... even the Dems admitted that Pence won.
All my Demento-cratic acquaintances on Faucibook {facebook} were totally dismayed and sick,
over Kamala Harris's Little Bo Peep political performance.

All her cutesie little smirks and smugsy snotty shit plastic face persnicketiness,
added up to a spoiled adolescent wannabe princess starving for public adoration.

The Alpha Bitch did the Alpha Botch at the VP debate  Applause

One thing you can take to the bank for certain.
The dismal political performance of Kamala Harris in the debate,
proved beyond a doubt that Harris cannot compete with Putin or Xi Jinping,
on the stage of the International Criminal Clown Cartel political top hats.

Kamala Harris is so fake,
she can stretch plastic truth into daffy taffy.
Tucker Carlson did a noteworthy review of Harris in political talk recently.
She is constantly repeating to crowds of Dems,
her political mantra:
"I speak the truth, we need to speak truth",
over and over again.

Elastic plastic fake truth translation: "I tell the lies, you believe them as truth"

So after thinking about the debate,
and looking at the images I took of Harris in the debate, right off the TV,
this is what I saw in Kamala Harris's performance.

[Image: 55ckuGU.jpg]

The Fake Truth Demon Whip
Kamala Harris Whip
Covid 19 Apocalypse Alpha Bitch Whip


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