Candor Tetrahedron

The Devil's in the Details
Look closer at an unthinkable object

 Arguably one of the best preserved, most convincing Mars anomalies ever. The Candor Tetrahedron is a three sided triangular
  style pyramid in very pristine condition sitting in Western Coprates Chasma. This item first crossed my view while processing
  MOC image
E0-600269 in late Aug 2001 among the guest observer images I was processing for Marsoweb to be used for possible 
landing site review for Spirit and Opportunity. Seing how we had but one image of the feature, and as it was of a farly low quality
(like most of the Mars data of that era), I filed it away for further study and wished for higher resolution contexting imagery.
In April 2003 that wish was in part granted when MSSS released MOC image
E15-01285. This image has a slightly lower basic res, and was taken from a 
much sharper angle (which stretches the feature's appearance) but makes up for it by having a slightly wider field of view and clearer optical conditions-

Here I present both of these side by side, made better by more modern image processing technology 

Nevertheless, in the end all we had were two rather low res, slightly fuzzy images that just might contain something.
"So geometric, so unnatural; If only we could see it a little better" were my thoughts about it at the moment in time.

Time passed, things changed. The next time we get a look at this feature it was through the powerful eyes of MRO's
HiRise, which has so far returned one image of the area by my request, and another (Its stereo version) for good measure. Like
myself and MSSS before them, HiRise too thought this item worth a second look, and a look indeed we got. Take a look yourself.

These are color HiRise images PSP_002841_1740 and PSP_003896_1740


This is an artifact. Were this anywhere on Earth we'd surely be digging into it. Exposed blocks, structural elements, intact casing; there is apparently even some sort of
finial on its crest. The above images were made from merged rgb filters and sampled to about half full resolution. You can see it full size by clicking the above image.

This is what happens when you turn on one of the most accurate and clear spy cameras ever made and crank it wide open to inspect a pyramid on Mars.
What we see here is known as a reuleaux t
riangle. One side is seen to be fairly well devastated and most of the remains lie just downhill from the damage,
One side is missing some casing but in decent condition. The remaining side is relatively undamaged but missing most of its casing. You can find these missing
 casing stones lying all about by looking around the foot of the pyramid. This place likely escaped damage overall by being buried, and has since been exhumed.

Click the pictures, go full screen, and walk around a bit. This is better than Egypt! Be on the lookout for blocks, structural elements, casing stones (both intact
and collapsed), statuary, surface art, and perhaps most importantly; a way to get in. I've got a feeling our grandchildren might be exploring this some day soon.

Click images for higher res versions


And after all, why not? It belongs to US, this is our heritage and legacy.

(only we'd better step carefully, because the Devil's in the details, ever lurking in the shadows, just out of view)

In this next closeup, we get an unprecedented look at the apex and an exposed corner of this pyramid. The large image is simply astouding.
HiRise and I brought us right down into the nitty gritty dirt grains on this one. Note the structural elements all along the 'Dead Corner'.
See the highly reflective intact casings on the far side? And whatever you do, don't for the life of you stare at the things in the apex too hard,

You may see things I will not be responsible for. Click this image to see the full 29 cm res view

Now let's try and look at it how Artist Andrew Currie sees it in his rendition below

Hmmm, let's look at those together, actual image on left, Andrew's rendition on right

I would tend to agree Andrew, and like I said above; The Devil's in the Details

If you'd like to see the full res HiRise versions of these images in wonderfully explorable zoomable format
I've prepared some magnificent versions of them courtesy of Gigapan

Let's look at that Tetrahedron again

A Controversy of Candor

Let me relate the origin story of this thing, because a certain fellow named Haas has consistently tried to steal this -one of my greatest discoveries- and attribute it to another.

I first discovered this item on MOC image E0-600269 in late Aug 2001. This particular series of MOC images were being taken for the purpose of finding landing sites for
 Spirit and Opportunity. At the time I was processing these images for NASA/Marsoweb. It sits among many odd features on the image, but the resolution wasn't that great. 
I filed it away like many others as curious, needing further input- then put in targeting requests for more and better imagery of it via MSSS' request/guest observer program.

This image wasn't released publicly until late May 2001

After this time I was also a cadre member of (along with G. Haas) and we did these weekly image exploration group sessions
It came my turn to supply the image for discussion, so I provided E0-600269. One of the newer members, a now deceased fellow named Will Faust,
seized upon it and claimed discovery from that session, this however was simply not the case. I tried to explain to him that no, I'd already found that
weeks before and that I had even put in requests for better imaging, but he disregarded all of that- while he and Haas went about noising it as their find.

I guess they thought they'd get famous off of it or something, I don't know, but that's pretty crappy. I left that group and distanced Haas ever since.

I received the second image (E15-01285) from MSSS requests in April 2003. When I posted it online Haas attacked me for 'stealing his poor dead friend's work"

Nevertheless, this was my find and I was determined to do it due diligence, so I requested more images of it from the (at the time) brand new HiRise camera.
This endeavor was rewarded by the return of PSP_002841_1740 in March 2007. I was elated! Not only one, but two different craft orbiting Mars had been specifically
directed by me to further investigate something curious on Mars I'd discovered. Haas took this request image and sent it to Richard Hoagland telling him that he and 
his friend Faust had found it. Richard and Mike Bara included it in Dark Mission and unknowingly published it in the book with THE WRONG ATTRIBUTION!

 We had a BIG falling out over it at the time, so much so I refused to attend the speaking engagements Richard had lined up to promote Dark Mission.

My second HiRise request for this area (PSP_003896_1740) was returned for me in May 2007. Once again here comes Haas with the same tired misrepresentations..
 In truth, what we really have here is George Haas using the wrongful actions of a now dead man to attempt the continued misappropriation of one of my greatest
finds. He's been doing this for the entire interim and only getting away with it because no one knows what he did. Now you do. I will not be deterred, regardless.

I have consistently and exhaustively researched this area the entire time while having to defend myself on it from Haas' defamatory and attention seeking attacks.

 It is most definitely artificial, and these images stand as a testimony of what any one of us 'little guys' can do with a tiny bit of talent, persistence and motivation

I found it. End of the beginning of the story.

You too can find it. It's waiting... behind the door for which you are the key. This is Mars, this is Ours.

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Stay tuned.....

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