Ceres Of Anomalies

An imaging look at what Dawn's showing us








Looks like we have the same type of thing on 2 Planets


Andrew Currie's Featured Art Captures the Lonely Mountain's Essence

Oh look! A brand new stunning image of the Occator Brights

Proof you cannot embargo OUR images

(and maybe something more exotic as well)


let's look right into those things...


Artist Andrew Currie was so inspired by them he gave us this wonderful Art as visual aid


Now let's abandon all caution and just enhance the thing

and a last Occator view before LAMO!

let's continue looking at the wonderful Lonely Mountain, which they have so inappropritely monikered "Ahuna Montes"

and another look from a slightly different angle, last view before LAMO!

and now we get a look at Ahuna Mons from LAMO

and now new LAMO Occator images!


and now another LAMO image of Ahuna Mons

Click image for full screen version


A special heartfelt thanks goes out Dr. Chris Russell, Dr. Marc Rayman, and the entire Dawn team.

Keep these stunning images coming!

"On a satellite I ride, nothing down below can hide"

Stay tuned.....

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